Waterproof Phone Cases

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Waterproof Phone Cases

Today we’re going to review a series of different waterproof phone cases. These are rather popular options, so the odds are good your phone might already be encased in one of the products outlined here. If that isn’t the case, rest assured that the following cases are all top quality. It’s not as if you should be playing with a phone near a pool, pond or other body of water anyhow, but if you must, then you might want to consider picking up one of these cases – or any waterproof case you prefer really – to prevent your phone from being damaged in a watery accident.

First, let’s have a look at the Hitcase Pro for the iPhone 6. This is an expensive case, probably one of the most expensive that money can buy, with a typical retail price hovering right around $100 even. But it’s also much more than just a waterproof shell for your iPhone or other, similarly sized smartphone. It’s a rugged case, sure to protect your device even from long distance drops, which means any little accidents where you drop it on the floor at home or work shouldn’t be an issue. Since we’re focusing on the waterproof bit though, this case is good and dry up to 35 feet.

When it comes to waterproof phone cases, like any other product, the best available item tends to cost more than everything else. But that $100 price point makes the last case a little excessive for most budgets. For something which is waterproof but maybe not as resilient as other cases, have a look at the Vansky Universal Waterproof Case. Unlike many other cases which inhibit the phone’s function once they’re inside, this one has a sleek, thin design which doesn’t make your device less responsive. At $15 or so, it’s definitely affordable, even if it won’t save your phone from a nasty drop.

Now we’ve covered a high end case and a low end case. Since the average consumer will be looking for something more, well, average, consider the EscapeCapsule. This was actually a kickstarter project not too long ago, and it got enough support to go into production. At $70 it is no cheap case, but there are others which are much more expensive too, so it’s right in the middle. The polycarbonate case is designed to withstand high impacts, like you might get if you dropped your phone into a river and it ended up bashing against a rock. This is a solid waterproof phone case.

These are but three of the hundreds, perhaps even thousands of different waterproof phone cases available today. No doubt more cases are being invented, produced and sold even as you read this article. Because things are changing constantly, you might best serve yourself by looking with your own eyes and doing a search for the specific type of case you need. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect, and that is always a big help when making a purchasing decision.

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