Understanding Electricity

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Understanding Electricity

Perhaps one of the most interesting phone-related gadgets to come out in the last couple years , the wireless charging station, or charging pad as it is often called, provides a revolutionary new way to charge electronics. Through the use of magnets, it creates an electrical charge slowly over time. They aren’t as fast as standard wall chargers, but the technology is still relatively new, so that’s to be expected. These charging pads make it plain that people today just don’t understand electricity like they think they do, which is a little bit of a shock to anyone who thought they had it figured out.

The catch here is that most people don’t understand how electricity can build up in a device without there actually being a circuit for the charge to move along. That’s why these charging pads seem to be like something from another planet, at least to the people who don’t know how they work. People don’t really need to know how new technology works for it to take off and start selling though, so what we have is a bunch of people with a bunch of machines charging a bunch of other machines, and nobody has any idea what’s actually happening.

But consumers should be more aware of how their products work. An electrical device like a mobile jumpstarter is easy to understand – it sends a sudden, strong current of voltage into a car battery and (hopefully) gives it the push it needs to start the car. There’s a definite circuit there, something people can see, something people can understand. Actually, those are pretty interesting devices. They allow people to jumpstart their own vehicles, without the need to jack into someone else’s battery for the jump. You can see them at https://carsavvier.com/ if you’re interested in that.

Getting back to those wireless charging pads though, did you know that electricity can actually be used to create an incredibly powerful magnet? It’s true. It’s also proof that there has always been a link between magnetism and electricity. By passing electricity through a wire which has been coiled around a bit of metal, it is possible to magnetize that bit of metal thanks to the way electrons move along the coiled wire as electricity is passed through it. The most powerful magnets in the world are manufactured in this way – it’s quite interesting stuff that should help you to understand energy if you look it up.

Still, as was mentioned previously, you don’t necessarily need to understand how a piece of technology works in order to use it and get some benefit from it. Wireless charging stations are the chargers of the future, and they are compatible with a surprisingly large number of devices, with a list which is only going to continue to grow in length as the pad technology improves. There are no other chargers which could recharge several phones, all with different plug sockets, and all at the same time. Imagine never having to look for the “right” charger again. Now you understand why these are so special.

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