Phonebloks – Your Personal Lego Phone!

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Phonebloks – Your Personal Lego Phone!

Breaking into the smartphone market can be exceptionally tough. Apple has got it’s corner, as do Samsung and Nokia to name just a few. The decision to come up with something new that can hold its own among the multitude of tough competition is indeed a bold one. However, Phonebloks has taken things to a level that many people have never imagined, but would be more than willing to take advantage of.

If you’re someone who gets fed-up that you’ve got to purchase a completely new phone solely because your iPhone battery has given up on you, or the camera is just won’t get you the quality photographs you yearn for, then Phonebloks is something that will have you over the moon.

Phonebloks both looks and functions in a similar way to Legos. However, don’t be alarmed just yet at the fact that a high tech device sounds like something that has been designed for a child. With pieces like a puzzle that you can pluck out and push in, to complete your ideal phone, Phonebloks offers a greater level of customizability than any other phone on the market. Whereas, when someone purchases an iPhone, they’re only means of personalizing it is through adding phone cases or downloading the apps of their choice, Phonebloks allow users to change the simplest features on the phone that work to make a huge difference.


You’ve recently started to use the camera on your Phonebloks a lot more and have noticed that the regular camera just isn’t sufficient. There’s an easy fix to this, as all you’ll have to do is pull out one piece of the puzzle (one block) and fit it with a bigger camera.

You’re going on a long trip and above all, you’re in need of longer battery life. With a Phonebloks, you will be able to take out a few slots, or change their sizes. For starters, you could minimize the size of your storage block, along with the a section of the speaker block and increase the battery size.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it gets better. Phonebloks users will be able to customize their blocks and thus, create something that is completely unique to them and something that adequately fulfills their need.

The Phonebloks takes out the necessity to purchase a new smartphone after a year or two because when something goes wrong, or when a part of the phone is broken, replacing it is easy, and doesn’t require a technician.

Unfortunately, the Phonebloks isn’t on the market yet. However, when it does make it out and onto the shelves, it’ll be a product that attracts a lot of attention and one that will change the face of smartphones. It will be a product that users love to play with and one that is constantly improving.

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, Phonebloks comes and gives us hope that smartphone’s have a world of innovations ahead of them.

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