New Nokia Lumia 930 Looks Hot.

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New Nokia Lumia 930 Looks Hot.

The new Nokia Lumia 930 will come in an abundance of bright colours from a wonderful orange to a vibrant green. This is the perfect phone for someone who’s looking to move away from the silvers and blacks and get hold of something that’s more fun without having to stick a phone case on the back.

The Nokia Lumia 930 will retail for $599, which is around the same price of many of the flagship handsets on today’s market. For what’s packed into the phone and of course, taking into consideration its cool design, there is no denying that the price tag fits the product. The phone is set to launch in the European market around June of 2014.

 What this phone boasts:

  • 5 inch, full HD display
  • 1920 x 1080 OLED display
  • battery that gives 15 and a half hours of talk time
  • 2.2GHz quad core Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 20 megapixel camera
  • full HD video recording capability
  • aluminium frame
  • Windows phone 8.1

A great reason to rejoice about the  Nokia Lumia 930 is that it stays true to Nokia’s promise of a sturdy and durable smartphone. Once you’ve got a  Nokia Lumia 930 in your hand, you will feel just how durable it really is. It won’t strike you as the kind of phone that you can consider discarding of, provided it falls of the sofa or slips out of your hands. It really is built to take a hit or two.

Two downsides to the  Nokia Lumia 930

When it comes to having a problem with your battery, there’s no plopping the phone open and exchanging the battery. The reason for this is that the rear cover can not be removed. This is one of the problems that many have had with iPhones and thus may spark a hint of disappointment in those who were keen on getting this phone, as this feature can pose as a turnoff.

Summing up the  Nokia Lumia 930

When it comes to abundance in storage, the Nokia Lumia 930 has it covered. However, the 32 GB of internal storage accompanied by 7GB of cloudspace may be enough for some, but there are others who really want a phone that makes use of a microSD, which is something that  Nokia Lumia 930 does not. The

Overall, the  Nokia Lumia 930 is a phone that is smooth and also quick. When it comes to the navigation tools, they can be maneuvered with ease and once an app is tapped, it pops up within the blink of an eye. The size of the phone itself is pretty great, it’s easy to hold, easy to store and has a display that is sufficient. Users will also be happy with the camera, as well as the abundance of features offered including the ability to combine photos and videos, making wonderful creations. The long battery life is also something that will not go unrecognized as this is something that is something that is always in high demand.

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