Gathering Knowledge from Smartphones

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Gathering Knowledge from Smartphones

Some people would say a smartphone is only actually as smart as the person handling it. But that’s not exactly true. Many of these phones are capable of performing complex operations in the span of seconds thanks to an ever-burgeoning number of apps designed to do things people want done. And it’s no secret that those phones, though they may not actually contain the information themselves, are capable of tracking down just about any information on any subject the user would ever want to know more about. It’s this feature which allows people to gather all kinds of knowledge from smartphones.

It doesn’t really matter what sort of knowledge you go searching for – if it’s been written down, recorded or otherwise saved and people have access to it, you can find it over the Internet with a smartphone. Want to learn more about lumberjacks? That should only take a few minutes. If after reading you decide you want to know more about them, like how they use Champion Power Equipment gas log splitters in places where it would be too expensive or too unwieldy to build a traditional mill, that’s just another few minutes away. Information has never been so easy to find and take in before.

Lumberjacks were just one example. You can literally look up almost anything you want to know about and learn it at your own pace with the way phones have transformed today. Mathematics, the sciences, literature, history, mechanics, cooking, music, crafting; all of these things can be looked up, reviewed and learned with a few button pushes and a search or two. It sounds really good, and it is, but it’s not all good. With how easy it is for information to spread these days, it’s equally easy for disinformation, or misinformation, to get around too. You can’t just assume the first thing you read on the Internet is true.

smartphone invistigationVerifying the accuracy of information is more important in this day and age than ever before. No longer do people need to source materials, look up quotes and attribute their findings to other books, articles or essays. Well they do in a work or school environment, but anyone can write something down and publish it these days, and that’s the point. This isn’t like back in grade school when you could trust the book you pulled from a library shelf was going to give you some good information. Coincidentally, those same books still make great resources today, though some of them are quite dated.

Have you ever heard that a little information can be a dangerous thing? It’s very true. With how easy it is to get little bits of information in the span of seconds today, many people are making stupid decisions and claims which are totally false, based on “that thing they read on some website somewhere”. Don’t be that guy. While it’s easy to find information, it’s also easy to verify whether the things you read in one place are true or false by looking for the same information elsewhere. That goes just as quickly too, after all.

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