Development for all is true science

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Development for all is true science

Technology is the new best thing that makes our lives far more advanced so that we can live with prosperity and dignity. The advancement of science is very closely associated with the advancement of the entire human race itself. But we must ask the question to ourselves that whether we are truly helping the world fraternity of the living world by our scientific developments. Progress should be in tune with all from every walk of lives. Every species should be affected for good for any kind of steps we take to make our lives better than what it is now. Then we can truly be sure that we are in the right path of progress.

The light of rationalism had struck the human life many centuries ago. It came as a boon to us in the darkest of the hours and saved us or rather the entire human race from further degeneration in the name of religion. The church and the state were in their height of powers and ultimately they clashed. And naturally the sufferers were the common people. The common people very easily could now rely more on the facts of science than on the words of the church. The church did not take this very lightly. Men behind the mission of scientific revolution were put behind bars. They were hung, burnt and put to death by means of some of the most gruesome acts of cruelty. Yet science survived, flourished and outlived the irrational ways of humanity.

But did the lives truly spent for good. Science was taken up like opium by men who used it all the way to meet their own selfish accomplishments without thinking twice how it would affect the others. By the time technology was helping us to progress, proved disastrous to the other organism of nature, especially the trees. Trees and other organism of the jungles suffered in terms of losing their habitation and livelihood and even their lives in our selfish pursuit of progress.

Man is the most selfish of all animals. It hunts for fun. Even it makes gaming apps like Deer Hunter, where you hunt animals from deer to bears with guns and advanced equipments and ammunitions. Even you could find crossbows at ArbalistZone to hit your target with. But the science should be applied to all organisms in this earth.

We must stretch our hand to those who are incapable to speak or express themselves like the way we do and help them in getting them within the purview of our progress. Sustainable development is the keyword for a progressive society where the benefits of the humans do not turn hazardous to the other aspects of nature. We may not acknowledge, but the other aspects of nature have their own way to define science. The animals and even the tribal have their own scientific ways. We should respect them and help them progress according to their age old traditional way. Because it is their nature and nature has given all the same right to live and prosper. We may have to draw a legislature to prove this simple point but they knew it all along.

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