Cool things down a bit by using your mobile apps to live sustainably

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Cool things down a bit by using your mobile apps to live sustainablyWe’d like to take a moment to applaud you. Because as we do so, most of you already have a good mobile device, brand new or second hand, in your pockets or handbags. But why are we congratulating you on having this necessary accoutrement? We’re happy to tell you that even though it might still be small, you’re making a contribution towards environmental sustainability and have made the start to go against the grain of global warming and climate change.

Ever year during summertime, the months just seem to be getting hotter and hotter and heat waves are becoming unbearably longer. And during the cold, winter months, the weather is becoming more dangerous in the extreme.

It is that bad

Even if governments, NGO’s, multinationals, small start-ups, and you and me all did something to reverse the trend of rising temperatures and more extreme hurricanes, scientists predict that things will continue this way into the next century. That’s how serious this is and that’s how much damage has been done by us already.

Let’s turn our attention to why we’re so happy that you’re holding a mobile in your hand right now. Using the mobile and the bouquet of apps at your disposal is, in itself, a sustainable exercise. It’s eliminating a lot of everyday activities that lead to increasing your carbon footprint. When you visit you will also learn that the LED light bars and other similar devices powered with LED technologies are also carbon reducing mechanisms. As energy savers, rather than sappers, they save consumers money as well.

The same principle applies through regular use of your apps. Not only do you end up saving money, you save time as well.

The convenience of saving time, money and the environment

Speaking of time and money, you never have to walk through the doors of your local bank ever again. You no longer have to mark more carbon footprints on the tar and stand in long queues again. Provided that your smart phone has been properly cleaned and you’ve reached the correct bank-related app, banking via your device is quite safe these days. Unless you are truly someone special, money is generally used for buying things you need or want. It’s not entirely bad for business; in fact most retailers have climbed on board already.

Instead of travelling to your favorite retailers, you could just visit them on their website and place your orders there. Further carbon footprint reductions are made when all it takes is just one local area delivery van to make a series of deliveries all in one afternoon.

How will kids thank you in the future?

There are many more ways and means to live sustainably and fully optimize your apps. Because time is money, all we’ve done here is whet your appetite to the possibilities and motivate you to keep doing your bit to cool things down. Fifty years from now, your grandchildren and their pets will be thanking you. Although it must be said that we’re not yet sure what they’ll be using then.

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