Cell Phones and Pools Don’t Mix

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Cell Phones and Pools Don’t Mix

You think it would be common knowledge at this point in history, but electronics, cellular phones especially, tend to not mix that well with water. More than just to repeat this common knowledge, I really want to talk about how those “waterproof” phone cases a lot of companies are selling might not work as well as they advertise. In fact, a phone case which was supposed to keep my own cell phone from getting waterlogged failed when my phone fell into a pool, which is pretty much the reason behind me writing this today. When products don’t work as advertised that’s very aggravating, no?

Not that the water was all my phone went through. Sure, it was fully submerged, and there was definitely lots of water. But once it got pulled into the pool’s filtration system, I pretty much knew I was out $400. Well, more like $420 when accounting for the cost of the waterproof case too, but I don’t like to add that extra little bit of loss when I remember the event. I was sort of lucky since the pool was using a small scale canister filter, the kind you could find in places like this. Because of that, it didn’t get drawn into some processing pump and crushed. It didn’t really do me any good in the end though.

I still ended up with a phone that was completely useless. I still had to track down all of my contacts, along with their addresses, numbers and other information, and put it all in on a replacement phone. I still had to spend hours of my time getting my new phone to the point where it would function like the old one did before it got swamped. Who’s going to pay for this? I feel like the people who sold me that faulty “waterproof” case should be held responsible here, but I don’t really have a lot of options for going after them.

The business wasn’t from my country so it’s not like I can bring up a suit against them. Also, I kind of already left them a positive review due to an earlier occurrence where the waterproof shielding actually did what it promised to do, when I spilled a glass of milk on my phone one time. I guess it does kind of work after all. Maybe I should be more upset with myself, eh? I really have to stop bringing my electronics by bodies of water. It’s just a bad idea.

Whatever device you’re using, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop or something else, you have to be acutely aware of how quickly it could break. Submerging any electronic device in water is usually a great way to fry its inner workings and brick the item. However, if the device isn’t turned on when this happens, you might be able to salvage it. A great way to do this is by completely covering the phone or other item in uncooked rice. The dry grains will pull the liquid from the device if you give them enough time. This one actually works, too.

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