What’s the Best Browser for You

What’s the Best Browser for You

Most people use the browser that’s built into their computer. If you have a Mac, you probably just use Safari. If you have a Chromebook, you use Chrome. If you have a Windows… You probably use Chrome too because Edge is not that good. But what is the best browser for you personally? I want to talk about a few lesser-known browsers that you might like!


This browser was designed by a former Firefox developer. The whole purpose of it is to reduce the amount of ads you see. Brave was built from the ground up to be an adblocking browser. This has some other advantages for you as well: to start with, your computer will be a lot safer. Ad sites often plant trackers or adware on your computer without knowing it… In fact, sometimes these programs can be disguised as legitimate programs like Adobe. Brave takes away all of the ads, leaving only legitimate, non-invasive ads. Many sites make all of their money from ads, so Brave rewards the legitimate sites that don’t use annoying pop-ups or downloads by keeping them on the page and not blocking them. But the annoying ones will disappear if you use this app!


Opera is a VPN browser; all of your traffic is encrypted and no prying eyes can see what you’re doing online. This is great for avoiding content blockers at work or at school; if the internet service provider can’t see what you’re looking at, they can’t block it and thus have no way to censor your web browsing. Use this wisely. This is a handy survival tool; almost like an internet version of the products from VPN browsers will be the way of the future, as in the US it was just made legal for internet service providers to sell your web data to 3rd parties for advertising purposes. Although Opera is not the best VPN browser, it is free and easy for first timers to use. If you have a little more tech know-how, I would recommend OpenVPN, as it has more options.


Now this one is a little controversial. Tor has long been associated with illegal markets and drug trade; the anonymity of the service (if you knew how to use it) was great for criminals online. If you want to buy a gun or a hunting knife, Tor is the best way to do it. Many of the illegal sites have been locked down now, so less black market activities flows through the service. However, Tor is the best tool on the planet for internet-locked countries like China. The nature of this browser means that your traffic can’t be tracked; it’s sent to 3 randomized servers all over the world, and the information can’t be captured. Don’t use it for illegal things, please. However, if you’re trying to get around government censorship… Viva la revolution! Use these tools for good, to help the flow of information to restricted countries.

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