Apps for Parents

Apps for Parents

For new parents, the thought of strapping their infant child into a car seat in the back of the vehicle elicits mixed responses. Some are fine with this, knowing the baby will be safer traveling in this way and so they do it with a minimum of fuss. Others, especially first time moms and dads, will be anxious over being separated from their little one, even if it’s only for the duration of a car ride. For these parents, there are a handful of apps which will help them to either keep an eye on their baby while driving, or help them to pick out the right baby gear and accessories.

Babies do need gear too – you can read about seats at Car Seat Experts. But let’s start with keeping an eye on them first, since that’s the main point of this particular piece. The Babyphone app is admittedly just one of many baby monitor apps. However, the important thing is that your phone will allow you to keep an eye – and an ear – on your toddler. It’s useful at home when you’re in a different room and your toddler is sleeping in a crib, but it’s also useful in a car for keeping an eye on your child. Link your phone up with a viewing device like a camera and you can watch your baby through your phone.

While it’s not quite the same as having a first aid kit handy, the IHomeopathy app will tell you how to treat all kinds of injuries using basic first aid supplies. It’s really a kind of guide for how to first aid, which is an excellent thing to have handy for parents with infant children. Little kids are always getting into trouble, opening cabinets, eating and drinking things they shouldn’t, interacting with everything they can get their hands on. Babyproofing your home is a good idea here, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also prepare for things to go wrong so you can be ready to react if they do.

Babies can find ways to injure themselves even while you’re on the road and away from home, so that last app is still useful on the road. As for other apps for parents, the Car Seat Check app is definitely related to the other apps listed here. It sets off a warning buzz whenever you get out of your car while traveling with your baby. Sometimes parents forget about their children for a minute – it’s not as if they mean to do it – but it can still lead to trouble. This is a must-have app for forgetful parents. More information on actual seats can be found at too.

There are so many apps for parents, apps for children of all ages, that it would be impossible to list them all here. However, if your child still needs a car seat for car rides, or if they’re at that young, precocious age where they’re always making trouble, you might want to consider picking up one, two or even all three of these apps.

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Why Your Cell Phone Is Good For Emergencies

Why Your Cell Phone Is Good For Emergencies

Ok, for most folks it’s called a smart-phone these days, and these folks know how to make good use of their tools and all the apps on their devices. Then they still have more than enough storage space to download yet more apps. Walk into any store and ask the sales clerk to show you a nice new cellular telephone.

But do not be surprised if he gives you a peculiar look. Just recently I heard a baby boomer talk uneasily about how she fails to see the point in ‘phubbing’ incessantly on a smart-phone, not looking where you going and bumping rudely into innocent other shoppers at the mall.

Don’t overcompensate on your smart-phone

Now, this old lady did have a point because, admittedly, many millenials, bored with life, unproductively over-compensate on the use of their smart-phones, feeling about and sliding for gossip tidbits and useless information. She reminded me of the young man who fell onto the tracks because he was so preoccupied with his device. Luckily, a brave Samaritan quickly pulled him off the tracks as the oncoming train warningly hooted its arrival at the station.

But because this little old lady stubbornly chooses to remain old school and has too much pride to admit that she is too intimidated by modern technology and too ashamed at her failure to learn how to use smart devices which we all know is quite easy, she was blindsided by all the productive benefits that come with having a top of the range smart-phone. She even laughed out loud when she saw a girl in the park jogging with her device firmly clutched in one hand.

Smart safety innovations

Admittedly, this active girl could have easily slotted her device in a small pouch, allowing her to swing her arms freely while running. But with no smart-phone in her handbag, the old lady cannot call for help the next time she feels those heart palpitations coming on again or if she slips and falls and cracks her pelvis. Even if she got lost, she would not be able to send out a distress signal and allow someone to quickly locate her from their own device.

Most active (and smart) people, mountaineers, hikers, campers, cyclists, even long-boarders will have a device tucked away in case of emergencies, whether they are lost or take a nasty dive when there is no-one nearby to help them.

Where smart and savvy folks are concerned, even the most active, safety, rather than fear is always paramount. To get an impression of this, you can visit Long Board Mafia or any other sports equipment and tech websites. See what they have to say about safety and what you can do to secure yourself.

In the meantime, while she was still vacillating about those nice young men and women and their cellular telephones, the old lady was still struggling to set the timer on her microwave oven.

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