7 Apps To Make Your Driving More Techy and Hassle-Free

7 Apps To Make Your Driving More Techy and Hassle-Free

You’ve probably seen the latest modern cars. Dashboard equipped with tech tools and gadgets, smartcars look very futuristic not just outside but also inside.

In-car technology, such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, is gradually improving and gaining popularity. However, only a few lucky ones get to enjoy these options.

But don’t worry. If you got a smartphone, you can prop it up in the dashboard to turn your car into a smartcar. Below we’ve compiled a list of apps that can make your driving experience a great one.


Imagine driving your off-road truck equipped with all fancy accessories like this best 50-inch led light bar in some unfamiliar route. But in the middle your trip, you realized you forgot to gas up. How can you find the nearest gas station? With GasBuddy, you don’t have to worry about this. This smartphone app lets you find the cheapest and nearest gas stations.


Driving into some unfamiliar places can cause you to get lost. Well, that wouldn’t happen if you have Waze. This navigation app doesn’t only provide route options. It accurately and continuously re-routes your direction to avoid traffic accidents, roadblocks, and more. It also alerts you about what’s on the road.


If you’re planning to go on a road trip, make sure your smartphone has this app. RoadTrippers app helps plan and record your next weekend trip or cross-country drives. It lets you discover tourist destinations, scenic points, national parks, beach resorts, and hotels. You can also take suggestions from friends and fellow road trippers about these destinations. So, if you’re headed on a nighttime drive to an off-road destination, you can use this app to schedule your travel. With this app, all you got to worry is equipping your vehicle with the right accessories such as these LED light bar reviewed at for better lighting.

INRIX Traffic

Hate getting late? Then INRIX Traffic should be in your smartphone. This free app helps drivers find the best routes. This app lets you see updated traffic conditions. Aside from providing different route options, you also get relevant traffic news.

Craftsman Garage Door

You never have to get down your door to open your garage door. This amazing app connects with your garage door, allowing you to open or close your garage door anywhere, anytime. It also has other security features like setting an alarm in case someone attempts to get into the door. There’s also a separate app for controlling your garage door light.


If you find it hard to remember when your parking meter’s time, then install Honk in your smartphone. With this app, you’ll get notifications about how much time is left before your parking meter expires. Plus, it guides you to where your car is parked.

Speedometer Speed Box

This app comes in handy if you want to check if your car’s speedometer is working accurately. But aside from this basic function, it also has other features like giving speeding alerts especially when you’re running more than the speed limits, calculating max and average speeds, calculating distance traveled, and GPS functionality.

Make your driving experience more techie with these powerful apps. You don’t really need to buy a smart car to take advantage of the modern tech. Your smartphone is all that you need! Try them now.

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How Smartphones Change Our Thinking Patterns

How Smartphones Change Our Thinking Patterns

You may have found yourself using your finger to swipe to the next page on your computer screen before realizing it’s not your phone. This isn’t a random brain mess-up but is born from your brain’sEvery stage of development for phones has been met with skepticism and fear, fears of cancer from radiation and texting language reducing literacy.

The texting debate was rather aptly dealt with by linguist David Crystal but constant research still leaves many fears unresolved. The smart phone can be seen as part of the creativity boosting gadgets, which can contain apps that allow for new means of artistic medium.

Research conducted at a number of Zurich based universities examined the brain’s activity when a smart phone was being used. The results showed that electrical brain activity was stronger when three fingertips were touched to the screen, and these spikes in brain activity were higher when the tests were conducted on subjects just after intensive smartphone use. The results, as scientist Dr Arko Ghosh suggests, that repeated use of smartphones affects the way touch is processed. It can alter on a daily basis so that whatever the fingertips were doing the day before on the phone will imprint on the brain and alter how your hand behaves the next days.

Smartphones can be damaging in their affect on sleep patterns, especially for teenagers. More time is spent online due to WiFi and cheap data plans so that often people will carry on checking their phones well into the night. Research has been completed by a number of scientists, including 2012 Time/Qualcom, by gathering knowledge from subjects.

The “blue” light omitted from smarphone screen is being picked up by the cells behind eyeballs, which tells the brain that it is the morning. The blue light alters the melatonin release so that the hormone cannot help with sleep timing and circadian rhythms.

In 2010 McGill researchers showed that reliance on the GPS system on phones can reduce the function of the hippocampus, which controls memory and spacial orientation. In the tests conducted non GPS users performed better on the memory test than GPS users. Using google maps may make your brain more dependent on your smartphone and prevent memory development.

Smart phones can’t solely be blamed for us accessing our brain’s memory skills as much, even with the Nokia brick phones we became dependent on them holding our friend’s phone numbers. The joy of knowing your best friend’s phone numbers or wondering which country eats the most spam, has become almost obsolete.

Google is at everyone’s fingertips to quickly get the answer you were looking and just as quickly forget it. The issue of smartphone’s changing our thinking patterns only becomes a problem when we let our smartphone substitute our brain’s functions. It’s important to exercise the brain so don’t be scared to leave your phone at home sometimes and see what a day without it feels like it, or even introduce some rules for how you use it.

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Cell Phones and Pools Don’t Mix

Cell Phones and Pools Don’t Mix

You think it would be common knowledge at this point in history, but electronics, cellular phones especially, tend to not mix that well with water. More than just to repeat this common knowledge, I really want to talk about how those “waterproof” phone cases a lot of companies are selling might not work as well as they advertise. In fact, a phone case which was supposed to keep my own cell phone from getting waterlogged failed when my phone fell into a pool, which is pretty much the reason behind me writing this today. When products don’t work as advertised that’s very aggravating, no?

Not that the water was all my phone went through. Sure, it was fully submerged, and there was definitely lots of water. But once it got pulled into the pool’s filtration system, I pretty much knew I was out $400. Well, more like $420 when accounting for the cost of the waterproof case too, but I don’t like to add that extra little bit of loss when I remember the event. I was sort of lucky since the pool was using a small scale canister filter, the kind you could find in places like this. Because of that, it didn’t get drawn into some processing pump and crushed. It didn’t really do me any good in the end though.

I still ended up with a phone that was completely useless. I still had to track down all of my contacts, along with their addresses, numbers and other information, and put it all in on a replacement phone. I still had to spend hours of my time getting my new phone to the point where it would function like the old one did before it got swamped. Who’s going to pay for this? I feel like the people who sold me that faulty “waterproof” case should be held responsible here, but I don’t really have a lot of options for going after them.

The business wasn’t from my country so it’s not like I can bring up a suit against them. Also, I kind of already left them a positive review due to an earlier occurrence where the waterproof shielding actually did what it promised to do, when I spilled a glass of milk on my phone one time. I guess it does kind of work after all. Maybe I should be more upset with myself, eh? I really have to stop bringing my electronics by bodies of water. It’s just a bad idea.

Whatever device you’re using, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop or something else, you have to be acutely aware of how quickly it could break. Submerging any electronic device in water is usually a great way to fry its inner workings and brick the item. However, if the device isn’t turned on when this happens, you might be able to salvage it. A great way to do this is by completely covering the phone or other item in uncooked rice. The dry grains will pull the liquid from the device if you give them enough time. This one actually works, too.

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Why Your Cell Phone Is Good For Emergencies

Why Your Cell Phone Is Good For Emergencies

Ok, for most folks it’s called a smart-phone these days, and these folks know how to make good use of their tools and all the apps on their devices. Then they still have more than enough storage space to download yet more apps. Walk into any store and ask the sales clerk to show you a nice new cellular telephone.

But do not be surprised if he gives you a peculiar look. Just recently I heard a baby boomer talk uneasily about how she fails to see the point in ‘phubbing’ incessantly on a smart-phone, not looking where you going and bumping rudely into innocent other shoppers at the mall.

Don’t overcompensate on your smart-phone

Now, this old lady did have a point because, admittedly, many millenials, bored with life, unproductively over-compensate on the use of their smart-phones, feeling about and sliding for gossip tidbits and useless information. She reminded me of the young man who fell onto the tracks because he was so preoccupied with his device. Luckily, a brave Samaritan quickly pulled him off the tracks as the oncoming train warningly hooted its arrival at the station.

But because this little old lady stubbornly chooses to remain old school and has too much pride to admit that she is too intimidated by modern technology and too ashamed at her failure to learn how to use smart devices which we all know is quite easy, she was blindsided by all the productive benefits that come with having a top of the range smart-phone. She even laughed out loud when she saw a girl in the park jogging with her device firmly clutched in one hand.

Smart safety innovations

Admittedly, this active girl could have easily slotted her device in a small pouch, allowing her to swing her arms freely while running. But with no smart-phone in her handbag, the old lady cannot call for help the next time she feels those heart palpitations coming on again or if she slips and falls and cracks her pelvis. Even if she got lost, she would not be able to send out a distress signal and allow someone to quickly locate her from their own device.

Most active (and smart) people, mountaineers, hikers, campers, cyclists, even long-boarders will have a device tucked away in case of emergencies, whether they are lost or take a nasty dive when there is no-one nearby to help them.

Where smart and savvy folks are concerned, even the most active, safety, rather than fear is always paramount. To get an impression of this, you can visit Long Board Mafia or any other sports equipment and tech websites. See what they have to say about safety and what you can do to secure yourself.

In the meantime, while she was still vacillating about those nice young men and women and their cellular telephones, the old lady was still struggling to set the timer on her microwave oven.

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The best applications for bodybuilders

The best applications for bodybuilders

Smartphones and their applications are able to follow your lifestyle and your interests completely. You just have to select those applications that are consistent with your lifestyle. Among the huge number of applications, there are also those that may be useful if you deal bodybuilding, recreationally or professionally. You have at hand all necessary advice – from set of exercises to advice on what kind of diet is required for certain results. These are some of the applications that I want to single out.

Fitness Buddy will be your best friend if you start with bodybuilding. The free version has over 300 exercises. Each exercise includes a description of its advantages and animated support. Once you have mastered these 300 exercises, you can move to a paid version that contains more than 1700 exercises and over 1000 HD videos.

VirtuaGym Fitness Home and Gym. This is an application that guides you, and that motivates you. For every job well done, you will get a badge. The application has 400 exercises and 3d animations that show how they are performing. Additionally, it allows you to make a workout plan. It is much easier to achieve results when you have a plan and a schedule that you must follow.

JEFIT is an application which is intended for professionals and amateurs. It offers a complete help when it comes to lifting weights. For beginners, there are a variety of information, graphs, and presentations of the muscle structure. For those who are well trained, there is a possibility to monitor progress, keep statistics and collect data, analyze the exercises and count the number of repetitions. If you want to deal with weightlifting, you do not need a personal trainer and going to the gym. You just need to rearrange your garage, get appropriate power racks and run your application.

Complete Gym Exercise Guide. It is an application that is useful when you’re practicing alone at home. It can sometimes be tricky because without a coach you do not know what to include in your training. But the solution is in this application. The exercises are divided into 10 parts, for 10 sections of the body. There are 150 exercises with images that explain how they should be performed.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker. Besides applications that show you how to do the exercises, count your reps, plan your workout, there are applications which support you by tracking the number of calories you consume, and the number of calories you burn with your exercises. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker is a great application with a large number of foods in the database that covers almost everything that you can enter during the day.

MotionTraxx Music is an application that will give your workout a little rhythm. You must admit that it is much easier and better to exercise with music, but with the sounds of groans and strain. This application has a great variety of music in which you will surely find something that suits you, whether you run, and you need something to give you the wind at your back, or you lift weights.

Healthy life and the need for exercise are increasingly highlighted as essential for the preservation of health. We all know that, but we often have excuses. Smartphones and applications like these do not leave room for them.

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Use The Smartphone For The Safety Of Your Home

Use The Smartphone For The Safety Of Your Home

The camera on smartphone has become a more important function than an exchange of messages and conversations. It is there to capture important and the less important moments in your life and allow you to share them via social networks with your friends. In addition, the camera on your phone may protect your house from burglars. Actually, it may not prevent an intrusion of unwanted visitors, but it certainly can shoot the one who fell into your house. To use your smartphone as a security camera, you do not need to be at home. All you need to do is the following:

  • Use an old smartphone. If you’re a fan of the latest technology like me, then you probably had a few smartphones by now. Did you know that old smartphone should not be useless? Actually, that’s all you need to get a security camera at home.
  • Choose the right place. An old smartphone should be set at the position where it will not be destroyed by the meteorological conditions. If you are planning to secure your yard in this way, you should keep in mind that your smartphone will not last long exposed to the sun or rain. Of course, make sure that the camera covers doors or windows through which it is possible to enter the house.
  • Secure your valuables in the house. Hold them on some protected place or in a safe. It is also very important that, for your own safety and safety of the whole family, put your weapons under special supervision. The best idea is to choose a gun safe. Not just because the weapons are expensive, but because they can reach in the wrong hands. This may lead to serious accidents and abuses. is the best place to find protection for your guns.
  • Activate the application on your phone to notify you about the movement in your house when you are not there. It is not enough to turn on the smartphone and set it in a good place. It is necessary to connect your phone to the Internet and find the application that will be activated when it detects movement. There are several of applications which you can find online. You will choose the one which suits your type of phone, whether it is android or iPhone, and that matches your operating system. Some of these applications make a video, some just snap pictures and emit a strong alarm, and some just allow you to hear what is going on in your home. They usually send a notification to the user in the form of messages or email.

old smartphoneAnother way to observe some place is to use Skype for observation. In this case, it is necessary to make two accounts for Skype. One will be located in your home and should have only one contact, and that’s you. It is necessary to enable an automatic video response on that account.

Another account should be on the smartphone or computer that is next to you, and from which you will call and observe what is happening in the area that you observe.

This is only one example how you can use the old smartphone. Any other use is better than putting it in a dusty drawer for forgotten things.

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