Waterproof Phone Cases

Waterproof Phone Cases

Today we’re going to review a series of different waterproof phone cases. These are rather popular options, so the odds are good your phone might already be encased in one of the products outlined here. If that isn’t the case, rest assured that the following cases are all top quality. It’s not as if you should be playing with a phone near a pool, pond or other body of water anyhow, but if you must, then you might want to consider picking up one of these cases – or any waterproof case you prefer really – to prevent your phone from being damaged in a watery accident.

First, let’s have a look at the Hitcase Pro for the iPhone 6. This is an expensive case, probably one of the most expensive that money can buy, with a typical retail price hovering right around $100 even. But it’s also much more than just a waterproof shell for your iPhone or other, similarly sized smartphone. It’s a rugged case, sure to protect your device even from long distance drops, which means any little accidents where you drop it on the floor at home or work shouldn’t be an issue. Since we’re focusing on the waterproof bit though, this case is good and dry up to 35 feet.

When it comes to waterproof phone cases, like any other product, the best available item tends to cost more than everything else. But that $100 price point makes the last case a little excessive for most budgets. For something which is waterproof but maybe not as resilient as other cases, have a look at the Vansky Universal Waterproof Case. Unlike many other cases which inhibit the phone’s function once they’re inside, this one has a sleek, thin design which doesn’t make your device less responsive. At $15 or so, it’s definitely affordable, even if it won’t save your phone from a nasty drop.

Now we’ve covered a high end case and a low end case. Since the average consumer will be looking for something more, well, average, consider the EscapeCapsule. This was actually a kickstarter project not too long ago, and it got enough support to go into production. At $70 it is no cheap case, but there are others which are much more expensive too, so it’s right in the middle. The polycarbonate case is designed to withstand high impacts, like you might get if you dropped your phone into a river and it ended up bashing against a rock. This is a solid waterproof phone case.

These are but three of the hundreds, perhaps even thousands of different waterproof phone cases available today. No doubt more cases are being invented, produced and sold even as you read this article. Because things are changing constantly, you might best serve yourself by looking with your own eyes and doing a search for the specific type of case you need. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect, and that is always a big help when making a purchasing decision.

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6 applications that every golfer must have

6 applications that every golfer must have

We believe that the need to have a Smartphone has not missed you if you’re a fan of golf. Primarily because golf requires moving on the golf course, and it is useful to be in contact with other golfers. And then, we should mention the applications that can improve your skills and help you in estimations.

The Rules of Golf
If you are in a professional golf, then you probably know all the golf rules. On the other hand, if you are an amateur, it is almost certain that you will at some point lead the discussion with your opponents about whether it is all done by the rules. This application allows you to check who is right. It is your modern golf pocket guide.

Swing by Swing Golf

This is a free application that can be used by any golfer. Smartphone with this application works as a rangefinder that easily adapts to all golf courses. It is the most important role of this application. In addition, it allows you to keep track of your score in a simple digital scorecard.

V1 Golf

This is an application that enables you to enhance your swinging skills. For success in golf is very important to manage the golf club properly. This application allows you to record your swing, then slowed the recording to analyze it and compare with over 50 professional swings.

Find my iPhone

The Smartphone has become part of the mandatory equipment for every golfer along with a golf club or bag for easy carrying available on Likewise, it could easily happen that, at the course, you lose your phone. This application allows you to find your phone by following it with a laptop. Of course, if you turn it on.

Authentic weather

Every golfer knows that goal depends on him, but that weather conditions can have a large impact on its success. Playing on the field in the rain, the wind and the sun are not the same experiences. A good golfer knows to evaluate how to hit to adapt to the weather conditions. However, he may not know how to assess weather conditions. This app is a solution for that part of the problem.


This is a GPS application with which you have a golf course on your palm. It allows you to see the distance from the holes, and even to zoom them, with a few taps of the screen. It will not teach you to play golf and win if you do not know how to play. However, if you have experienced, it can provide you with valuable information.

If you are not an active participant in golf, but only the viewer who enjoys watching this sport, Smartphones have applications for you. They mainly include subscribing to a golf channel and then you can easily follow events of your favorite sport.

By using applications on the Smartphone, a touch of the screen has become a new and important golf movement.

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Interesting Ringtones

Interesting Ringtones

Some ringtones can be pretty annoying – so much that you wonder why the owner put it on his or her phone in the first place. We’ve all heard them before, too; full songs blasting at an obscene volume, or strange noises that nobody besides the phone’s owner would ever guess could be a ringtone. While custom ringtones are nice because they allow the user to personalize their calling experience, not every sound out there should be made into a ringtone. These are some interesting tones you probably haven’t heard before, tones that would definitely stand out in a crowd, for better or for worse.

If you know who Hideo Kojima is by name, then you can probably guess what the first tone here is going to be. Metal Gear Solid is an iconic game franchise from Konami and it features a deep story, interesting characters and more than a few memorable moments, including sounds. The CODEC, a device used for communication throughout the series, has a distinctive sound which plays when a call is incoming. Even gamers in general will probably understand the reference when they hear this tone coming out of your phone and on top of all this it’s not at all annoying. It’s a solid tone for those who want to stand out.

ipad-ringtonesRingtones shift in and out of popularity regularly. New songs are always coming out and people get hooked on those, then like to hear them throughout the day. It’s a perfect little setup. For this selection, rather than advocate a single tone, it seems better to focus on how to get hot tones fast. Websites like Zedge are pretty much servers loaded with ringtones, with classic tones sitting right alongside fresh, new ones. If you’re looking to make any kind of song into a ringtone, you’ll want to check with services like this to see if they have what you want. Trumpets, pianos, singing; whatever you want will work.

Getting specific again, and a little humorous this time, there’s another interesting ringtone which comes to mind. You may have heard it before if you’re a trickster and for good reason. In a quiet environment where phone ringers ought to be turned off, wouldn’t it be hilarious if one phone had a tone which actually sounded like a phone on vibrate? It starts ringing and everyone in the room starts checking their pockets to see what the fuss is about. There are actually many ringtones like this and while they probably won’t make you any friends, they’re pretty much guaranteed to give you a laugh.

If you’re looking for a way to customize your mobile phone and really make it your own, you have many options. There are phone cases, protectors, coloring kits, chains and other accessories, all of which cost more than your average ringtone, which can do far more to make your phone identifiable. To stand out, you could use an interesting ringtone like one of these. It’s a noticeable change which is cheap, fast and efficient, which may be why ringtones are still so popular today.

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Great Apps for Nurturing New Hobbies

Great Apps for Nurturing New Hobbies

Finding the perfect app for your smart phone or Android device can mean different things to different people. Some are looking for that one piece of software which will give them an edge in casual conversation, for example, while others want something that readily provides accurate route information for buses, trains and other public transportation where they live. The uses for apps are as myriad as the people using those apps. Regardless of what you want your phone to do for you, here are some great apps for nurturing new hobbies – apps which just make life more interesting.

Knitting and Crocheting HD is one of those apps which does more than just give the user something to do – it teaches a salable skill which can be used to create a number of garments like sweaters, socks, potholders and more. Each of these costs money and can be made to cost significantly less if you were to, say, make them yourself. The app will help you figure out things like thread density, different colors to use for a project and more, all before you actually do any knitting or crocheting. It’s a time saver all right. It’s just so satisfying using gadgets in conjunction with apps to boost your creativity.

There are several great Piano apps to increase your hobby even further; there’s just something about making music with your iPhone or other smart device. Music Theory and Practice is an app by Universal which can be found for $5 or less at a number of marketplace and app venues. It allows for live piano practice anytime you wish, but it’s more than just a simulation of keys. This app actually teaches you about musical theory, and familiarizes the user with different instruments by teaching the progression of keys and other important aspects of music. This is a useful app for amateurs and professionals alike.

Not every app is for activities where you sit down, either. Some are perfect programs for more physically active play, such as longboard riding. RIDERS is the perfect app for people who like to ride, whether they’re boarding, biking, skating or rolling on wheels some other way. Longboarding is one of my favorite hobbies since it combines the speed of skateboarding with the stability of a longer board. This means fewer falls, which is a great bonus if you ask me, but it also means you can’t do many of the explosive tricks people do with skateboards.

So, if you’re looking to start crafting your own clothes, or you want to keep your hands busy making music, or you’re seeking the right app to make boarding more fun, you now have a few good examples of great apps for nurturing these hobbies in your life. Of course, you can find a number of different apps for each of these applications, so you should probably shop around and look for the one that just clicks with you, whatever it is you want to do. Just be sure to keep your phone charged!

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Piano Apps

Piano Apps

Pianos are some of the most popular musical instruments of our time. Whether you’re talking about the traditional, bulky kind which are big, heavy and hard to move or the more recent electronic kind which can emulate the sounds of dozens of other musical instruments, people just love pianos. It should be no surprise then that there are several different piano apps which are available for smart phones and similar devices. If you’re bent on getting a piano, you might want to check out for some help, but if you want apps then you’ve come to the right place.

First, you might want to check out Piano Teacher, a popular Android app which helps players learn how to interact with one of the world’s most popular musical instruments. Naturally it is capable of letting the user play piano as well, even though it is meant as more of an instructional tool than a piano playing app, specifically. It’s a great place to start if you’ve never played a physical piano before and that’s why it’s showing up first on this list. Admittedly, there are better piano apps out there, but if you are completely new to tapping keys with your fingers, this makes a fine starting point.


Tiny Piano is a little sketchy as far as piano apps go, but it’s guaranteed to allow the user to reproduce, without error, the song they want to play. It’s really not playing piano at all when you can always get the next note right just by pressing anywhere on your touch screen, so those who actually want to learn how to play piano will probably want to stay away from this one. Still, it’s a great kind of party favor – you can amaze friends, family and other onlookers by effortlessly playing back historical masterpieces with your eyes closed. You sure won’t find Tiny Piano at the SOUNDING KEYS website.

There are other piano apps too, including ones which work in a browser-only format. You can access them from your phone or other device, or from your home computer or laptop just as easily. Virtual Piano is probably the best among the bunch – you can click the keys with your mouse, or using a finger on a touch screen, or, with a little work, figure out how to play piano using your computer keyboard. It’s a highly accurate, highly useful tool for both learning how to play piano as well as creating your own songs or reproducing melodies once you get the hang of the interface.

These are just a few of the different piano apps you can find looking around online. Many of them are cheap, or completely free, but they don’t all provide the same utility as each other – there are clearly better and worse apps, to be sure. But only you will know which apps work better for you than others, so it’s recommended that you look around on your own, rather than trusting the words of someone else. Try the free ones first, of course, but don’t be afraid to spend a little if you find they aren’t doing what you need them to do.

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Top 10 Gadgets to Boost your Creativity

Top 10 Gadgets to Boost your Creativity

For artists, writers, advertisers and others who must be creative to produce quality content, finding that creativity can be a lifetime struggle. Sure, sometimes things seem to come like someone just turned on a valve somewhere and let it all rush through like when you hit up the tap for a drink of water. Other times though, trying to think of something new or original is like the most painful, grinding experience imaginable – like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. Here are the top 10 gadgets to boost your creativity, whether you need the help right now or not.

Belkin SuperSpeed USB 3 4-Port Hub

Creativity can elude many people when they wish it would come to them, but it tends to come and go on no particular schedule. Rather than helping to create new creative feelings, it might be best to quickly work when the right mood hits you, something this device will help you to do. Because USB 3 devices work as much as 10 times faster than USB 2, ideas can be acted upon more quickly and visual aides can be shared more quickly and readily with other people, which is especially nice if you’re working on a group project of some sort.

Doxie One

These days it’s pretty much necessary to create backups of important documents, receipts and other bits and pieces of paper you might accrue throughout any given 24 hour period. Any portable scanner such as the Doxie One will probably do the trick, but this is the model I saw in a store recently and so this is the one I’m mentioning here. Basically you feed your important documents into one end and by the time they roll out the other side, you have digital backups which are much easier to catalogue and email than the real thing.

Kensington AbsolutePower

With so many different electronic devices that many of us rely on to get through the day, having a backup power source is about as important now as having a spare set of batteries was decades ago. The Kensington AbsolutePower is essentially a giant battery anyhow since it allows you to quickly get a charge on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet in a matter of minutes. Charge this thing up and carry it with you for those moments your other devices run out of juice and you won’t miss another period of inspiration. As an active lifestyle devotee, this helps me use my smartphone for active lifestyle.

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse

If you’re one of those illustrators who prefer to work with a mouse rather than a drawing tablet, then you’ll absolutely love this mouse from Microsoft. Featuring BlueTrack technology, this highly portable and compact piece of tech will give you the kind of tracking you need for precise lines and figures while working on virtually any surface. It’s highly versatile and highly useful to artists on the go.

Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600

Having high quality sound which is also highly portable is just as important to recording as a great mouse is to illustrating. These speakers work through a Bluetooth connection for seamless connectivity and function whenever you have time to work, but they’ll plug right into a USB port just as well. These speakers are great for workouts too since they travel pretty much anywhere. Regular sports can help to boost your creativity as well, and a fitness wristband can keep track of your progress.

Google Chromecast

With applications like Google Documents, the world’s most popular search engine has slowly ingrained itself in the working world of many people. This is a streaming device which plugs into just about any device with a HDMI port, allowing you to post music videos, news casts and gameplay of your favorite video game all in a seamless fashion. If you love to share, this can definitely boost your creativity by giving you new outlets.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760

A quality charger was already mentioned here, but sometimes you’re in a position where you pretty much have no juice left for any of your devices. This solar-powered keyboard never needs to be recharged, or have its batteries switched out or replaced. It charges in natural sunlight and under artificial lamplight just as well, making it one of the few creative accessories which will work literally any time you want it to. An absolute must for writers, bloggers and others who work with words.

IDAPT i4 Universal Charger

As far as chargers go, this is one of the best. It doesn’t exactly hold a charge for later use, as the previously mentioned charger. But this device allows the user to energize a number of different devices all at once, with plugs which work for USB, Mini-USB, Micro-USB, Lightning and even more dated Apple Universal Deck plugs. If it plugs into anything, it probably plugs into this device, which means you can use this as a charger for practically every electronic device you own. This device is all about options and if you want to buy a smartphone, you should consider several options.

LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

If you already have a chair with wheels on its feet that allows you to spin around and move through your home or office on a whim, why shouldn’t you have a device which allows your monitor to do the same? This desk-mounted LCD monitor arm holds your monitor and swivels, swings and spins, allowing you to move around your work area while maintaining eye contact on the things you’re doing; a very useful piece of tech for visual thinkers, as well as those who spend a lot of time on the computer.

TwelveSouth Compass Mobile Stand

The mobility of tablets means they go practically anywhere, but do they work anywhere? With this nice addition, you can do your drawing, crafting of presentations and creating of content on the go, wherever you can find room to set up this combination easel and typing stand. Any device which makes another device more productive and easier to use has a good chance of boosting your creativity by simply allowing you to do more in the same amount of time.

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