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Electrify Your Longboard With This Gadget

Electrify Your Longboard With This Gadget

People have been automating manually controlled machines since about the time they got a handle on electricity. Bicycles, buggies and boats have all benefitted from the addition of a motor and now, you can even get your longboard going with the addition of a small, electric motor. I’m talking about the kickr, a gadget that elevates your longboard experience and finally makes it easier to crest steep hills without exerting so much effort. This device works on lots of kinds of longboards, though it is best to use it with the finest longboard brands for aesthetical reasons.

You wouldn’t spend a lot of money on a nifty new part or element to upgrade a beat up old car, would you? Well, that’s kind of the same principle at work here. Naturally, you could use it on a cheaper longboard, but do you realize how silly those guys look when they paint racing stripes and put fins on their junky cars? It’s just not tasteful.

Essentially, the kickr is a lot like the propulsion system that makes devices like the Segway go. There is a motor, some sort of gyroscope to help maintain balance and prevent the board from jerking about under the user, as well as a few other items, all boxed into one very useful package. I think it’s important to stress right now that it is an electric device, which means you can charge it at a wall and then go for a ride whenever you like, without having to worry about keeping gasoline or another fuel source handy.

Me, I don’t even like carrying around a spare gallon of gas in the trunk of my car. It smells and it makes my car smell too, but that’s a safety precaution I picked up from my folks that I’ve never been able to drop. That’s all besides the point though. There’s no extra charge you can carry around, unless you’re willing to put up the cost of another kickr battery, which is a specialized device in itself and rather expensive to replace.

The kickr is also relatively new, which means there aren’t a lot of reviews on the books about the device. I wouldn’t call this a review either, more like an article pointing longboarders in the direction of useful, new technology that could enhance their ride. While I can’t speak much to the function of the device, I can say with confidence that it is leagues ahead of similar products already on the market.

There is no need to drill holes in your longboard (and reduce its integrity in the process), or change trucks, or remove and replace wheels to make room for the kickr. It is a longboard motor that works with your longboard, rather than working to make you redesign your favorite mode of transportation. As far as I’m concerned, seamless integration is a major selling point for any electronic devices – and the kickr gives you just that. This is one piece of tech that’s worth keeping an eye on in the coming months.

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Green Data Centres and Renewable Energy

Green Data CentresWith the need for a more environmentally friendly world, it is great to see that Apple has stepped its game up and is making large steps in the right direction. The goal was to have all its facilities run 100% on renewable energy and soon enough, they’ll be able to say, ‘mission accomplished’. Just 4 years ago, Apple was able to boast 35% which compared to the 94 percent of renewable energy that’s currently running their facilities, 35% really isn’t much. The data center certifications they receive due to their wonderful accomplishments should be enough for them to boast about for a long time to come.

Why was this move necessary?

Data centers are great in terms of the wonders that their existence offers to the world. However, the downside to these facilities is that when it comes to utilizing energy, they take, and they take A LOT. In the United States alone, data centers are said to be accountable for an approximated two percent of the electricity generated. By how quickly things are moving and the advancements being made on a biannual basis, it is safe to say that data centers will need a lot more energy in the future in order to be able to meet their demands. With such rapid pace it is obvious that the demand for certified data centre specialists is growing with each day. Certified data centre specialist are the only people who can speed up the process of configuring existing data centres so they could operate on renewable energy. As a result, the usage of renewable energy, means that rather than taking advantage of nonrenewable resources, renewable energy is what should be looked at. When it comes to Apple, they haven’t only looked, they’ve put in the hard work and they’ve implemented the necessary tactics with the help of their professionals, many of who have some of the best data centre certification in the U.S. and Europe such as Citrus Solutions data center certifications, Cisco and many others.

What does Apple use?

With data centers located in different regions of the United States, it was necessary for Apple to implement different forms of renewable energy in order to get the best out of what the area has to offer. They make use of biogas fuel technologies as well as hydroelectric power and wind power.

On the downside, the energy used in manufacturing, and transport as well as the usage of Apple’s products aren’t taken under the wing of their 94% renewable energy mark. This is a big deal as these things alone, make up a whopping 98% of Apples carbon footprint. However, considering the fact that they are indeed making the right steps to becoming an environmentally friendly company, it may not be a long time before they decide to tackle these other topics and lessen their carbon footprint even more than they already have.

What’s next

One of the great things about such a big company is that it encourages others to join in on the trend. With the steps that Apple has made, it should come as no surprise that companies such as Facebook and Google are also putting their foot down and charging into the more energy efficient world.

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