3 Smartphone-Supported Gadgets Every Pool Owner Needs!

3 Smartphone-Supported Gadgets Every Pool Owner Needs!

Swimming pools never fail to bring a smile into anyone’s lips. But the time spent in the pool can only be relaxing if it’s clean and not over-treated with chemicals. For sure, no one wants to get itchy skin or red eyes after hours of swimming in the pool.

The problem, however, is that it seems impossible to know when a pool is either dirty or over-chlorinated. But this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. With the new pool monitoring gadgets partnered with smartphone apps, knowing the quality of water of your swimming pool is just a click away.

Here are some of the latest gadgets and apps that every pool owner must have.

  1. Drop Smart Pool Monitor

This gadget is linked to a mobile app which sends notifications about the pool’s health through your smartphone. But not only that, it should also alert you whenever the monitor detects some unwanted pool activities. So, you can virtually know when someone dives into the pool or even when your pet dogs plays on it.

Drop Smart Pool Monitor also sends notifications when the pool needs cleaning as well as other necessary maintenance checks. That includes checking whether the pool heater you read at Pool Home School is working perfectly. With this gadget, you are guaranteed that the pool is well taken care of, be it sanitation, microorganisms, algae or pH balance.

  1. pHin

This oblong-shaped, Bluetooth-enabled pool maintenance device monitors the chemicals in your pool and tells you when it’s good to dive.

It continuously checks the pool’s chemistry and sends notifications to your smartphone. For this gadget to work, simply plop it into the water and add the recommended packets that come along with the device. With pHin, you don’t need to regularly dip your test strip to the pool. Once the gadget is on the pool, it should automatically test the pool chlorine, water hardness, alkalinity, pH, cyanuric acid and temperature. If you need the water to be warmer, you can easily adjust the pool heater. It should warn you in case the pool heater fails and you need it replaced with any of the pool heaters. The app also tells you when you need to add more pods to the pool.

  1. Sutro

This gadget should finally address one of the biggest headaches of swimming pool or spa owners. Sutro ensures that your swimming pool has the right pH levels and chlorine at all times. Well, that certainly helps prevent the unwanted effects of over-chlorinating your pool water – burnt eyes, irritated skin, nasty smell, and damages to the lining of the pool.

Sutro is connected to the internet and sends the data to your smartphone. If you sign into its weekly subscription, the data is analyzed and the precise mix of chemicals is sent to you. The customized mix of chemicals based on your pool’s actual chemical composition should enable you to maintain your pool water in swimming condition at all times.

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How GPS can help your day-to-day activities

How GPS can help your day-to-day activities

Being stranded on a highway or taking the wrong turn is no longer a hassle you need to contend with as the Global Positioning System or GPS have changed the entire way we navigate. I still remember the time when we had gone on a vacation during summer holidays to a new destination. Since my dad left his map behind and we were given the wrong directions (intentionally?), we ended up wasting an entire day finding the hotel we had made reservations for. Now with GPS finding an address is a breeze.

Routine use

While the word GPS may conjure images of space age tech and smart vehicle navigation, in reality GPS has fare more uses for routine day-to-day activities. Some of the possible ways it can be used include

  • Finding where your kids are at any particular time
  • If you are leaving behind elderly people while going to work or on a vacation, you can keep track of them and prevent them from wandering off alone
  • While on a trip, you can plan ahead to visit important spots, landmarks, diners, campsites etc. and take less time to get there too.
  • Get emergency assistance, while on road right from your car. Nighttime driving on highways is a pain most of the time. The glare from vehicles coming towards you makes it difficult to view the road clearly. This is why I installed a LED bar light, which I bought from Proper lighting in your vehicle saves many an accident and keeps you and your family safe.
  • You can bookmark or save the favorite spots, landmarks and sceneries, which you will not find in any of the travel guides.
  • While making emergency calls to 911 the emergency personal can find your location easily. When you choose a carrier service, ensure that it comes with GPS features that work properly.
  • If you have pets that run lose frequently giving you a hard time, using GPS fitted collars on them would make your job easier.
  • Finding the right directions and shortcuts is easier, so you can get to meetings and appointments on time. Finding a restaurant or shopping mall or grocery store nearby is also done efficiently
  • Tracking laptops, luggage and other things, while travelling is enabled with the GPS
  • It is also easy to find your family members and friends, while you are in a crowded place like concert, social gathering or any other such events
  • When you are on adventure trips like hiking or hunting or just exploring the nature trails, you can separate from your group without worrying about getting lost. The GPS enabled smartphones help you locate places or persons even in unfamiliar locations

With advanced satellite technology, it is now possible to get a clear GPS connection even in indoor areas such as office buildings, homes and other places where normally the GPS is not clear. In addition to the several practical uses, that GPS has, it is also a great gift, which is both fun and educational. The Geo Cache, for instance, is a treasure hunt that is GPS based. Ray Gun is another location dependent mobile game, which helps you keep fit and active.

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Waterproof Phone Cases

Waterproof Phone Cases

Today we’re going to review a series of different waterproof phone cases. These are rather popular options, so the odds are good your phone might already be encased in one of the products outlined here. If that isn’t the case, rest assured that the following cases are all top quality. It’s not as if you should be playing with a phone near a pool, pond or other body of water anyhow, but if you must, then you might want to consider picking up one of these cases – or any waterproof case you prefer really – to prevent your phone from being damaged in a watery accident.

First, let’s have a look at the Hitcase Pro for the iPhone 6. This is an expensive case, probably one of the most expensive that money can buy, with a typical retail price hovering right around $100 even. But it’s also much more than just a waterproof shell for your iPhone or other, similarly sized smartphone. It’s a rugged case, sure to protect your device even from long distance drops, which means any little accidents where you drop it on the floor at home or work shouldn’t be an issue. Since we’re focusing on the waterproof bit though, this case is good and dry up to 35 feet.

When it comes to waterproof phone cases, like any other product, the best available item tends to cost more than everything else. But that $100 price point makes the last case a little excessive for most budgets. For something which is waterproof but maybe not as resilient as other cases, have a look at the Vansky Universal Waterproof Case. Unlike many other cases which inhibit the phone’s function once they’re inside, this one has a sleek, thin design which doesn’t make your device less responsive. At $15 or so, it’s definitely affordable, even if it won’t save your phone from a nasty drop.

Now we’ve covered a high end case and a low end case. Since the average consumer will be looking for something more, well, average, consider the EscapeCapsule. This was actually a kickstarter project not too long ago, and it got enough support to go into production. At $70 it is no cheap case, but there are others which are much more expensive too, so it’s right in the middle. The polycarbonate case is designed to withstand high impacts, like you might get if you dropped your phone into a river and it ended up bashing against a rock. This is a solid waterproof phone case.

These are but three of the hundreds, perhaps even thousands of different waterproof phone cases available today. No doubt more cases are being invented, produced and sold even as you read this article. Because things are changing constantly, you might best serve yourself by looking with your own eyes and doing a search for the specific type of case you need. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect, and that is always a big help when making a purchasing decision.

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6 applications that every golfer must have

6 applications that every golfer must have

We believe that the need to have a Smartphone has not missed you if you’re a fan of golf. Primarily because golf requires moving on the golf course, and it is useful to be in contact with other golfers. And then, we should mention the applications that can improve your skills and help you in estimations.

The Rules of Golf
If you are in a professional golf, then you probably know all the golf rules. On the other hand, if you are an amateur, it is almost certain that you will at some point lead the discussion with your opponents about whether it is all done by the rules. This application allows you to check who is right. It is your modern golf pocket guide.

Swing by Swing Golf

This is a free application that can be used by any golfer. Smartphone with this application works as a rangefinder that easily adapts to all golf courses. It is the most important role of this application. In addition, it allows you to keep track of your score in a simple digital scorecard.

V1 Golf

This is an application that enables you to enhance your swinging skills. For success in golf is very important to manage the golf club properly. This application allows you to record your swing, then slowed the recording to analyze it and compare with over 50 professional swings.

Find my iPhone

The Smartphone has become part of the mandatory equipment for every golfer along with a golf club or bag for easy carrying available on Likewise, it could easily happen that, at the course, you lose your phone. This application allows you to find your phone by following it with a laptop. Of course, if you turn it on.

Authentic weather

Every golfer knows that goal depends on him, but that weather conditions can have a large impact on its success. Playing on the field in the rain, the wind and the sun are not the same experiences. A good golfer knows to evaluate how to hit to adapt to the weather conditions. However, he may not know how to assess weather conditions. This app is a solution for that part of the problem.


This is a GPS application with which you have a golf course on your palm. It allows you to see the distance from the holes, and even to zoom them, with a few taps of the screen. It will not teach you to play golf and win if you do not know how to play. However, if you have experienced, it can provide you with valuable information.

If you are not an active participant in golf, but only the viewer who enjoys watching this sport, Smartphones have applications for you. They mainly include subscribing to a golf channel and then you can easily follow events of your favorite sport.

By using applications on the Smartphone, a touch of the screen has become a new and important golf movement.

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Gadgets That Will Make You Healthier

Gadgets That Will Make You Healthier

The world in which we are living moves at a fast pace, and that has a significant influence on our lives. Apart from constantly being on the run, we are also always available, regardless of which type of phone or computer we are using. As a result, people tend to lead extremely stressful lives, and care less and less about their health.

Although technology is in part at fault when it comes to the disadvantages of modern lifestyle, it can provide some relief from it as well. Nowadays there are plenty of electronic devices you can use to improve your health, or at least keep track of it. We cannot list them all here, but we can provide you with a couple of choices that could help you get started with your healthier lifestyle.

Heart rate monitors

Plenty of these are currently available on the market, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one for yourself. In essence, they all keep track of your heart rate, which is great for getting to know your organism better. Being aware of how fast your heart beats, and in which occasions, might lead you to some useful discoveries when it comes to your health. But that’s not all there is to this: heart rate monitors can keep track of your sleep cycles, serve as pedometers, and even have call and message reminders.

Posture coaches

Standing and sitting straight is an important part of being healthy. For those who have problems with posture, there are specially designed braces, such as those reviewed on this website, that help them overcome their difficulties. What makes it even better is the fact that nowadays you can even find electronic devices, called posture coaches, which will alert you when you are slouching. When combined with posture braces, they make the perfect solution for those who are having difficulties with backache and spinal deformities.

Activity trackers

These little gadgets don’t look like much, but can do a variety of things that will help you exercise, sleep and eat better. They are worn around the wrist, and programmed in a way that motivates you to move more than you usually do. They feature apps that can keep track of everything you eat and drink, and provide you with a feedback regarding the calorie intake or the amount of nutrients you’ve ingested. They will also tell you how many calories you’ve burned during a workout session, and use gentle vibrations to wake you up every morning. As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to start using this electronic device.

Smart bracelets

This is essentially an upgrade of all the car phone accessories that are available on the market. It is a bracelet that you can wear while driving, and that can dial and receive calls in the simplest possible way – with a single touch to your wrist. Why should this improve your health, you might ask. It is actually quite simple. Talking on the phone while driving is one of the most stressful activities, and this little gadget will rid you of it.

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Fresh and interesting trends in Smart phones

Fresh and interesting trends in Smart phones

Smartphones have changed the way the world functions now. They have emerged as a single most favorite technology used on a day-to-day basis. And the phones are getting smarter by the day with higher resolution, faster performance, slimmer design and more features. The industry has come to a position where numbers don’t count anymore.

By the end of 2015, over half of all the mobile phone owners would have switched to a smartphone. And with technology being beefed up to higher standards the smartphone may become an utterly indispensable object. Here are a few advances in smartphone expected this year, which can make your love for the gadget move up several notches.

Wearable phone

Apple watch is one of the latest and best inventions in wearable tech field. While there will be more such wearable devices in the coming months, you can expect such devices to be free of your wrists this year. Many of the wearable techs from Google and Sony are in the form of eyewear, jewelry etc. In fact, wearable technology is being combined with fashion to appeal to the luxury market expectations.

Luxxotica, TAG Heuer, Ralph Lauren, Roxy, Victoria’s Secret, and several other designers are experimenting with wearable technology. Soon you see new fashion centric tech devices and even smarter clothing as soon as ways to integrate fitness trackers in the devices is perfected. What connects all these devices is that you would need a smartphone to make them work.

Be fit with your phone

Smart phoneSmart watches and smartphones now come with biometric scanners. Simband from Samsung is a wearable tech focused on health. It has a software platform that monitors and uses the data collected to help you keep track of your health. Google fit, Microsoft Health, Apple Health are a few of the fitness apps that quantify every aspect of our life from waking up to sleep. Apps also make our work both at home and office much easier. It is not only the apps but advanced devices such as the Pressure Washers, which makes even the most tedious household job easier reducing your work burden greatly.

Health apps have advanced a great deal, and have gone beyond mere monitoring of wellness signs to detecting serious health issues such as diabetes and heart diseases. In future, you can expect insurance and health care companies issuing such devices for better health tracking.

Pay with your smartphone

Paying via card will soon become outdated as more and more people start paying with their phones. Apple Pay is leading in this aspect, and is growing fast in the United States and is expected to enter the Europe and China market soon. Several apps have come up with payment services now such as Alipay from China and Line, the messaging app. With the mobile pay trend, you can expect payments with retina and fingerprint scanning for authentication.

While smartphones have already been synced to streaming media drives, audio systems and thermostats, more integration with household devices such as refrigerators, smart cookers, heating systems, security systems and vacuum cleaners would become a common thing in future. Even individual light bulbs or fans would operate with our phones in the near future.

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