How to Choose Smartphone Best Suited For You

How to Choose Smartphone Best Suited For You

Smartphones are no longer a desire, they’re an essential part of everyday life. Faced with challenges, having to juggle a multitude of appointments, keeping track of what’s going on with friends and family members, without a smartphone, there would be a lot more limitations and a lot more missed appointments. In previous years, this mechanism was simply one that was used to make phone calls and occasionally take advantage of the black and white games that they were equipped with.

Many have forgotten how simply things were back then, as smartphones now are equipped with high quality cameras and allow users to take advantage of a wide range of apps both enjoyable and practical.

With so much to choose from, it can often be difficult to determine which smartphone is best suited to ones needs. When deciding on which smartphone is best for you, there are indeed a lot of things you’ll want to take into consideration. You’ll of course want a phone that is able to keep up with your hectic lifestyle as well as one that can perfectly be transformed to complement your downtime.

Here are the things to consider when choosing a smartphone:


Nothing in life is free, and the statement couldn’t be more true when it comes to smartphones. Sure, you will occasionally come across a plan that seems great, offering one of the best smartphones on the market, free of cost. However, close analysis at the contract that accompanies this smartphone may lead you to look in the other direction. The first things you will want to do is to set a budget for yourself. If your mind is set on a specific brand or model and you simply cannot afford to shell out the $600 that it may cost, you may want to consider looking at pre-owned smartphones of the particular model you desire. It is, however, important that you are cautious when opting for a pre-owned smartphone as, if it does not function as promised, the lack of refund may bring you disappointment.

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Best of the Best Smartwatch Out There

Best of the Best Smartwatch Out There

All of the Smartwatches that are currently available on the market have one thing in common, they all give the feeling that there is something missing. They don’t yet show all of the finesse that many have come to expect from the newest technologies on the market. They all seem to have minor flaws that come with an early release of the models. In fact, it seems like the companies currently selling smartwatches in bunches valued reaching the market first over offering a complete product that is fully free of bugs and little hiccups that may just make their use a little less fun.

However, many new versions, firmware updates and completely new models are currently being developed, promising a flash flood of great new smartwatches arriving sometime this year or in the beginning of 2015. Included will also be the biggest players with Apple and Google (Android Wear OS) entering the market, making the arrival even more exciting.

Nevertheless, the models the models that are currently available for sale offer just as much spunk, funk and sex appeal for those who are fans of being the first owner of the newest technology, making our current list of the best smartwatches one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Fitness Wristband for Your Daily Training

Fitness Wristband for Your Daily Training

Getting active and improving your strength and fitness levels is never a bad thing. However, just how do you keep track of all the calories being burned during those workouts, or how much water you lose to sweat, or how many repetitions of a particular exercise you do in one session? The odds are good you’ll be too busy to keep track of all these different counts yourself, on account of the strenuous physical activity and all.

That’s why a quality fitness wristband that helps you track everything about your workout is such a useful tool, both for veteran enthusiasts and those just getting started.

For those new to exercising regularly – and let’s face it, most people who exercise are devoted to active lifestyle – an adequate fitness wristband is an invaluable tool. The better models keep track of how many hours you’re active during the day, and even better ones will track sedentary and active times down to minutes and seconds rather than just hours. When you’re just getting started exercising, it can feel like you’re doing a lot more than you really are, so a device like this will eliminate the chance of you fooling yourself into thinking you’re some dynamo.

For those who have been exercising regularly for a long time now, fitness wristbands are even more useful, believe it or not. The best models available will keep track of the things you eat and other nutrition information, as well as ask you questions throughout the day based on what the device detects you doing. For example, if you suddenly find yourself more active than your normal workout because you’ve got to clean up your home or do a big painting job, a good quality fitness wristband will ask about the activity spike.

If you exercise in a gym with modern equipment, then this sort of accessory is best suited for you. Fitness bands will keep track of repetitions, the amount of weight being lifted, the parts of your body getting exercise and much more, depending on the quality of the device. That’s what it comes down to in the end, just like most other goods – you get what you pay for in general.

With that in mind, just how much can you expect to pay for a great fitness wristband? Well, the Lark Life Wristband which you can read more about at Lark.com is a 24/7 activity tracker that never sleep, so long as you keep it juiced. For $150, it does practically everything an exercise buff could want. This is the first band I found that not only asked questions to gather data and create charts for the user, but also gave out tips based on the information put in by the user.

Raising or lowering the amount of weight being lifted, increasing or decreasing the number of reps for each exercise and getting an adequate amount of rest to recharge your body when it’s beat thanks to a long day or work or an epic exercise session are all possible tips from this fitness wristband.

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Best Smartphone for Active Lifestyle

Best Smartphone for Active Lifestyle

These days, it seems like you’ve got to stay moving constantly just to keep up with the rest of the world. Relax for a little while or take it easy for too long and you’ll inevitably be left in the dust. That’s why having a top of the line smartphone to complement a highly active lifestyle is pretty much a must now, when plenty of other people are using similar tools to get an edge over one another.

So, which is the best smartphone of them all for an active lifestyle? Well, that depends on what it is you do with your time, as well as a few other variables.

Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveFirst, how active do you plan on being, really? Going for an occasional walk isn’t a big deal and doesn’t require any huge investment, but if you plan on being under the water, in the sky or on the road a lot, then you’re going to need a powerful machine to keep you updated while you’re away. An all-around great smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which is exactly like the Galaxy S4 except for one key difference – it is waterproof. Typically, electronics don’t really mix well with water, but this phone will stand up to being rained on and even submerged, if it doesn’t remain soaked for too long.

I was looking at a slew of phones actually. See, I was in the market for a device that could not only keep up with my level of activity in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but also help me to get further ahead in that particular activity by keeping me updated with BJJ news and information. Admittedly, the apps I found would probably work fine for most smartphones, but I do low-impact resistance training in water and you guessed it, I like to have my phone handy even at those times. That’s why I especially like the Kyocera Torque, which has no earphone port and works through tissue conduction, which is kind of like bone conduction.

That’s a rather moderate smartphone all told, with some middling specs and nothing else that really stands out except for the unique sound delivery method I mentioned. However, that’s another reason why I like it so much. Because it’s not a top of the line piece of equipment, it was far more affordable than many of the latest generation smartphones, so even if it did end up being not quite as waterproof as it claimed to be, I still wouldn’t be out that much money. That never turned out to be a problem though, so what I got was a solid piece of machinery for a fraction of the cost of newer, more delicate stuff.

It’s worth noting that even if your smartphone isn’t waterproofed or able to stand up to being dropped or used heavily, there are plenty of additions out there to bring it up to par. The iPhone 5, for example, isn’t waterproof or durable enough to survive a long distance drop. With the right case, those shortcomings disappear in a flash.

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When Gold and Lightning Collide New Trends Arise

When Gold and Lightning Collide New Trends Arise

Who cares about the new smartphone trend on the market? Just about everyone. You’ve heard about it from your friends, you have seen the massive lines on the news and you’re reminded every time your Facebook feed is brought to light, that smartphones not only matter, they are an essential part of everyday life. Everyone wants the next best thing and the Sony Xperia Z2 surely fits in that category.

Sony Xperia Z1Though with one glance at the  Sony Xperia Z2 it may be confused with its predecessor the Sony Xperia Z1, when it comes down to performance, the  Sony Xperia Z2 has pushed boundaries and added a couple levels to the game of greatness. It gives both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 a run for their money. Using Google’s latest OS, 4.4.2 KitKat, and utilizing a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, the high performance of this device cannot be downplayed.

Jump in the Pool, Take a Bath, Spill Water – It Doesn’t Matter

The  Sony Xperia Z2, will be able to withstand the wetness. Not only will there be no changes to the function of the Sony Xperia Z2 after it has been submerged in water, but it will also be able to sit underwater for up to 30 minutes without incurring any damages. Of course, some waters will simply be too deep, and with a rating of IP55 AND IP58, 1 and a half meters is just as much as the  Sony Xperia Z2 will be able to brave. But why on earth would someone want to submerge their phone in water? Well, for starters, accidents happen. However, accidents aren’t the only reason phones are taken underwater, when snorkeling or messing around in the pool and trying to get a great shot,  Sony Xperia Z2 will do a great job.

The Camera is Okay, but Not the Greatest

The Sony Xperia Z2 is equipped with a 20.7 megapixel camera. However, there are limitations to what mode one can utilize when taking advantage of the 20.7 megapixels.

A Large Display

This device has a 5.2 inch display offering 1920×1080 pixels, which is equal to that as the later version, the  Sony Xperia Z1. Though not something that is easy to pick up on, the quality is just the slightest bit compromised, due to the fact that the display itself is indeed larger than that of the  Sony Xperia Z1.

All in All

The Sony Xperia Z2 is a great phone that packs in appearance with its sleek metal body, wonderful features and of course, excellent performance. For those who are looking for something larger and a phone that won’t disappoint, whether on land or in water, the Sony Xperia Z2 is just what you need. The price lingers around $600, which is something that we’ve grown more and more accustomed to seeing and paying when it comes to top of the line smartphones.

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Phonebloks – Your Personal Lego Phone!

Phonebloks – Your Personal Lego Phone!

Breaking into the smartphone market can be exceptionally tough. Apple has got it’s corner, as do Samsung and Nokia to name just a few. The decision to come up with something new that can hold its own among the multitude of tough competition is indeed a bold one. However, Phonebloks has taken things to a level that many people have never imagined, but would be more than willing to take advantage of.

If you’re someone who gets fed-up that you’ve got to purchase a completely new phone solely because your iPhone battery has given up on you, or the camera is just won’t get you the quality photographs you yearn for, then Phonebloks is something that will have you over the moon.

Phonebloks both looks and functions in a similar way to Legos. However, don’t be alarmed just yet at the fact that a high tech device sounds like something that has been designed for a child. With pieces like a puzzle that you can pluck out and push in, to complete your ideal phone, Phonebloks offers a greater level of customizability than any other phone on the market. Whereas, when someone purchases an iPhone, they’re only means of personalizing it is through adding phone cases or downloading the apps of their choice, Phonebloks allow users to change the simplest features on the phone that work to make a huge difference.


You’ve recently started to use the camera on your Phonebloks a lot more and have noticed that the regular camera just isn’t sufficient. There’s an easy fix to this, as all you’ll have to do is pull out one piece of the puzzle (one block) and fit it with a bigger camera.

You’re going on a long trip and above all, you’re in need of longer battery life. With a Phonebloks, you will be able to take out a few slots, or change their sizes. For starters, you could minimize the size of your storage block, along with the a section of the speaker block and increase the battery size.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it gets better. Phonebloks users will be able to customize their blocks and thus, create something that is completely unique to them and something that adequately fulfills their need.

The Phonebloks takes out the necessity to purchase a new smartphone after a year or two because when something goes wrong, or when a part of the phone is broken, replacing it is easy, and doesn’t require a technician.

Unfortunately, the Phonebloks isn’t on the market yet. However, when it does make it out and onto the shelves, it’ll be a product that attracts a lot of attention and one that will change the face of smartphones. It will be a product that users love to play with and one that is constantly improving.

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, Phonebloks comes and gives us hope that smartphone’s have a world of innovations ahead of them.

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