7 Apps To Make Your Driving More Techy and Hassle-Free

7 Apps To Make Your Driving More Techy and Hassle-Free

You’ve probably seen the latest modern cars. Dashboard equipped with tech tools and gadgets, smartcars look very futuristic not just outside but also inside.

In-car technology, such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, is gradually improving and gaining popularity. However, only a few lucky ones get to enjoy these options.

But don’t worry. If you got a smartphone, you can prop it up in the dashboard to turn your car into a smartcar. Below we’ve compiled a list of apps that can make your driving experience a great one.


Imagine driving your off-road truck equipped with all fancy accessories like this best 50-inch led light bar in some unfamiliar route. But in the middle your trip, you realized you forgot to gas up. How can you find the nearest gas station? With GasBuddy, you don’t have to worry about this. This smartphone app lets you find the cheapest and nearest gas stations.


Driving into some unfamiliar places can cause you to get lost. Well, that wouldn’t happen if you have Waze. This navigation app doesn’t only provide route options. It accurately and continuously re-routes your direction to avoid traffic accidents, roadblocks, and more. It also alerts you about what’s on the road.


If you’re planning to go on a road trip, make sure your smartphone has this app. RoadTrippers app helps plan and record your next weekend trip or cross-country drives. It lets you discover tourist destinations, scenic points, national parks, beach resorts, and hotels. You can also take suggestions from friends and fellow road trippers about these destinations. So, if you’re headed on a nighttime drive to an off-road destination, you can use this app to schedule your travel. With this app, all you got to worry is equipping your vehicle with the right accessories such as these LED light bar reviewed at for better lighting.

INRIX Traffic

Hate getting late? Then INRIX Traffic should be in your smartphone. This free app helps drivers find the best routes. This app lets you see updated traffic conditions. Aside from providing different route options, you also get relevant traffic news.

Craftsman Garage Door

You never have to get down your door to open your garage door. This amazing app connects with your garage door, allowing you to open or close your garage door anywhere, anytime. It also has other security features like setting an alarm in case someone attempts to get into the door. There’s also a separate app for controlling your garage door light.


If you find it hard to remember when your parking meter’s time, then install Honk in your smartphone. With this app, you’ll get notifications about how much time is left before your parking meter expires. Plus, it guides you to where your car is parked.

Speedometer Speed Box

This app comes in handy if you want to check if your car’s speedometer is working accurately. But aside from this basic function, it also has other features like giving speeding alerts especially when you’re running more than the speed limits, calculating max and average speeds, calculating distance traveled, and GPS functionality.

Make your driving experience more techie with these powerful apps. You don’t really need to buy a smart car to take advantage of the modern tech. Your smartphone is all that you need! Try them now.

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The benefits of having great musical ringtones

Some of you like to keep things silent for a while. There are good and practical reasons for doing this. You may even be turning off the vibrator of your mobile device. The good intentions here are clearly noticeable. For one thing, many of you are hard at work and don’t want to take your eyes off the monitor until it’s time for a necessary break. Putting your phone to one side, you’re not going to be distracted by personal chats and crank calls which have nothing to do with work. Give yourselves pats on the back for doing this.

It’s all about the music

The benefits of having great musical ringtones But some of you, very few actually, have left your phone on silent even after you’ve left work and are on your way home on the tube or bus, or already at home in front of the flat screen. Let’s just say that some of you turn into certifiable panic-mechanics once that phone starts to ring. Violinio can’t command you to turn your ring tone on again, but if you take a look at its website, you’ll see that it’s all about the music, and it’s all at your fingertips, in case you need reminding.

Those of you who are stressing too much lately, here’s why it’s essential that you turn your ringtone back on again. While it’s understandable that you would have forgotten all of this because of worrying too much about collectors and hacks phoning you every now and then, there’s also another thing you can do apart from utilizing apps on your phone to find pleasant-sounding musical ringtones. Because it’s that important, we’ll remind you of this now. Simply arrange for those unwanted calls to be blocked.

You’ll feel better when the phone rings

You’re not shirking nor are you doing anything illegal, so relax, and just get it done. Now, onto the pleasant subject of music. Music remains one of the most effective and highly recommended practices to help reduce stress. So, when you’ve sourced some of your favorite themes from your mobile apps and downloaded them, you’ll feel a lot better every time the phone does ring. You can also tailor your musical themes to how some of your regular callers or texters relate to each tune. For instance, your old man may remind you of Clint Eastwood.

So, what do you do? You download The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ringtone. It’s not lame. And let’s just say that your mom reminds you of The Sound of Music; download that tune for her call. Heads will turn and people will titter, but you’ll be laughing too. That’s important. Don’t forget to use your apps to download music too and make time to listen to some of your favorite tracks, particularly those that tend to help you relax.

It might just be your lucky day

It doesn’t even have to stop there either. It’s child’s play really; you could even learn how to play your own instrument, whether you’ve picked out one of the violins from

or decided on a set of drums or a quaint little mouth organ. So, leave your ringtone on. It might just be your lucky day the next time the phone rings.

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