Best Smartphone for Active Lifestyle

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Best Smartphone for Active Lifestyle

These days, it seems like you’ve got to stay moving constantly just to keep up with the rest of the world. Relax for a little while or take it easy for too long and you’ll inevitably be left in the dust. That’s why having a top of the line smartphone to complement a highly active lifestyle is pretty much a must now, when plenty of other people are using similar tools to get an edge over one another.

So, which is the best smartphone of them all for an active lifestyle? Well, that depends on what it is you do with your time, as well as a few other variables.

Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveFirst, how active do you plan on being, really? Going for an occasional walk isn’t a big deal and doesn’t require any huge investment, but if you plan on being under the water, in the sky or on the road a lot, then you’re going to need a powerful machine to keep you updated while you’re away. An all-around great smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which is exactly like the Galaxy S4 except for one key difference – it is waterproof. Typically, electronics don’t really mix well with water, but this phone will stand up to being rained on and even submerged, if it doesn’t remain soaked for too long.

I was looking at a slew of phones actually. See, I was in the market for a device that could not only keep up with my level of activity in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but also help me to get further ahead in that particular activity by keeping me updated with BJJ news and information. Admittedly, the apps I found would probably work fine for most smartphones, but I do low-impact resistance training in water and you guessed it, I like to have my phone handy even at those times. That’s why I especially like the Kyocera Torque, which has no earphone port and works through tissue conduction, which is kind of like bone conduction.

That’s a rather moderate smartphone all told, with some middling specs and nothing else that really stands out except for the unique sound delivery method I mentioned. However, that’s another reason why I like it so much. Because it’s not a top of the line piece of equipment, it was far more affordable than many of the latest generation smartphones, so even if it did end up being not quite as waterproof as it claimed to be, I still wouldn’t be out that much money. That never turned out to be a problem though, so what I got was a solid piece of machinery for a fraction of the cost of newer, more delicate stuff.

It’s worth noting that even if your smartphone isn’t waterproofed or able to stand up to being dropped or used heavily, there are plenty of additions out there to bring it up to par. The iPhone 5, for example, isn’t waterproof or durable enough to survive a long distance drop. With the right case, those shortcomings disappear in a flash.

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