Best of the Best Smartwatch Out There

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Best of the Best Smartwatch Out There

All of the Smartwatches that are currently available on the market have one thing in common, they all give the feeling that there is something missing. They don’t yet show all of the finesse that many have come to expect from the newest technologies on the market. They all seem to have minor flaws that come with an early release of the models. In fact, it seems like the companies currently selling smartwatches in bunches valued reaching the market first over offering a complete product that is fully free of bugs and little hiccups that may just make their use a little less fun.

However, many new versions, firmware updates and completely new models are currently being developed, promising a flash flood of great new smartwatches arriving sometime this year or in the beginning of 2015. Included will also be the biggest players with Apple and Google (Android Wear OS) entering the market, making the arrival even more exciting.

Nevertheless, the models the models that are currently available for sale offer just as much spunk, funk and sex appeal for those who are fans of being the first owner of the newest technology, making our current list of the best smartwatches one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Basis Carbon Steel Edition

Coming in at a price that sits right below $200, this smartwatch is one of the pricier, mostly fitness oriented watches available today. It has a great robust look and offers some features that should appeal to all fitness and especially cycling enthusiasts, measuring not only heart rate and pulse, but also the temperature of the skin, giving great indicators about the current calorie burn during the activity. Syncing is also made easy with the Basis Carbon Steel Edition, as it seamlessly connects vai Bluetooth without any further ado.

Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble Smartwatch has everything that a successful smartwatch needs. It has a chic techy design that quickly gives away that this wrist device has more to offer than just the time, it was loved even before its release date, bringing in over $10 million in funding from Kickstarter and it can be used with both iOS and Android devices, making it a possible choice for almost all Smartphone owners. On the downside however, the Pebble Smartwatch still has some bugs and glitches that will hopefully be ironed out by updates in the near future. With $150 it sits comfortably right in the middle of the competition.

Sony Smartwatch 2

With the Sony Smartwatch 2, Sony starts its second attempt at delivering a smartwatch that is ready for the everyday user. Its silicone wristband comfortably holds the 1.6 by 1.6 by 0.35 inch large device in place, making it easy to be worn and sophisticated in design, without looking stiff or overly mature. Even though it has less features than the Galaxy Gear, it is cheaper and sticks to its main guns, which it is learning to utilize even more effectively. Staying on top of notifications and e-mails is already a breeze, thanks to the Sony smartwatch 2, making it excusable that some apps still seem rather buggy, in need for some development and overhaul. At just under $200 it isn’t the cheapest available watch, but also not the most expensive one.

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