Best Apps for Everyday Life

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Best Apps for Everyday Life

There are too many apps out on the market for every phone to hold them all. However, you don’t need all of these apps. There are just a few of them that will make your life infinitely easier, without taking up all the space on your phone. Most of these apps are compatible with iPhone and Android. Here are a few of the apps that we’ve found work best for almost every lifestyle!


Spotify is the most used app on my phone. If you look at my monthly data consumption, you will see that Spotify does most of the consuming. If you live under a rock or haven’t heard, Spotify is a music streaming app that can be either free or membership-based. If you have the free version, you can listen to all sorts of online radio with a few ads every once in a while. You can also create playlists of your favorite music, but you can only listen to those on shuffle. But if you have the paid version, that’s where it gets fun! The paid version allows you to listen to whatever song you want, download albums offline, and create playlists for you to listen to in any order you want. Spotify is a must-have for anyone with a smartphone.

Google Maps

Google Maps work better than any of the competition for now. Yes, Apple Maps has improved a lot and Waize is catching up, but for now Google Maps is without a doubt the best. It allows you to hear voice instructions to get to your destination, or you can just look at the visual map. It uses GPS technology to find where you are and reroutes you if there is too much traffic in your way. Google Maps is one of the best technologies on the planet for mapping you where you need to go.

The Home App

Almost every smartphone has a native version of this installed, but few people take the time to set it up properly. A home app can connect with your home and control elements of your house while you’re away. You can set up cameras, turn lights on and off randomly, lock and unlock doors, and change the air conditioning settings. You can even check the levels of trash in your trash can, like the ones from Sink HQ! Internet technology is progressing quickly; maybe we’ll get those flying cars before too long.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is a more advanced communication tool than most people think. Unlike a traditional phone, you can talk to people on the other side of the planet without incurring any phone charges. It is the perfect way to talk to other people without touching your smartphone data. I use it all the time to talk to people that live in other countries, that I can’t call or text.

Those are a few of my favorites. Please let us know what your favorite apps are as well!

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