Apps for the Airsoft Fans

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Apps for the Airsoft Fans

Can’t wait to get to the airsoft field and battle out with your team? You don’t have to wait long. Simply download an airsoft app into your smartphone and you can now enjoy your favorite past time right where you are.

Thanks to the numerous airsoft and shooting apps, you now can practice your gun handling and shooting skills virtually. But with such vast options, picking the best app to install can be a challenge.

Here let’s check out four awesome Airsoft apps that you will definitely love:

  1. Real Strike

With over 10,000 downloads in Google Play store and 25,000 more in the App Store, Real Strike is easily the number 1 airsoft app today. It was created by Yii Universal Elite Ltd to be the first Augmented-Reality (AR) First-Person Shooting app. It has an extensive arsenal with 62 weapons from a range of 6 different categories. For airsoft fanatics, this app will take you to six unique backgrounds and game plots. The gun models are designed to look and feel exactly like the real rifles. When you pick up the sniper rifle, the experience is just like holding an airsoft sniper rifle as reviewed here: The recorded weapon sounds (firing, reloading, and shooting) and sound effects are very authentic. Plus, you can also try other shooting equipment like the tactical flashlight, night vision and thermal vision.

This airsoft app incorporates real-time computed 3D animation and camera into an integrated view, effectively transforming your space into a simulation field.

  1. Gun App

Another popular shooting app, Gun App has been downloaded over 250,000 times. This app allows you to play with other users through a WiFi connection. It has a huge arsenal of high-powered firearms that ranges from machine guns to sniper rifles to shotguns. Best thing, you can build and design your own gun using the wide selection of attachments and parts. There are also different camos that you can wear in battle. For sure, this is a good training app for those who love the airsoft rifles and guns at

The game takes you to the shooting range where you can practice aiming and hitting targets. This is surely a great practice for your next airsoft game!

  1. Gun Builder

If you want to master the art of custom gun assembling, Gun Builder should be in your smartphone. This gun app allows you to build unique guns. It has a wide collection of gun accessories and parts that you can mix and match. What’s more you can find dozens of other shooting accessories that any airsoft gamer would love. You also get to practice shooting at the shooting range. For those who are fascinated with guns, Gun Builder is a must-download.

These three apps are the best apps for gun lovers and airsoft aficionados. They deserve space in your smartphone’s memory. With these apps, you can enjoy your free time with some action-packed and exciting moments.

How about you? Have you got any favorite shooting app to add in our list?

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