Meet Samsung Galaxy K Zoom!

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Meet Samsung Galaxy K Zoom!

No one can deny that we are indeed in the age of the ‘selfie’. Pretty much every adventure tackled by today’s youth and even the older generation, is accompanied with a phone strapped to their palms and photographing not only beautiful scenery, but also, of course, their beautiful selves. One, two, three, cheese, the photo session shall begin.

Being the innovator in technology, Samsung realized what their Galaxy S4 Zoom was lacking and decided to spruce things up with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. With a 10x optical zoom, those who take advantage of this wonderful piece, will get a lot more out of their smartphone’s camera and thus, be able to bring the magnificence of the world closer to them by simply pinching and zooming.

It’s the perfect smartphone for those who have really transitioned into the world of social media photography. A post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter that isn’t accompanied by a photograph is simply, one that’s less appealing. With the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, Samsung has prioritized on the camera aspect of the phone. This is perfect for some, as they’re able to snap away as they please, and have a phone that is perfectly designed to do so.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

It’s easy to hold, has an excellent grip and also has a ‘selfie’ timer. With the ‘selfie’ function, users are able to create a frame of where they’d like their face and the auto feature of the  Samsung Galaxy K Zoom alerts the user that things are on point before the timer begins, making things a lot more practical and the perfect photograph easier to capture. However, with all the great things the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom has to offer, there is some negativity to accompany this soon to be released smartphone.

The primary concern is the size of the phone itself. Most people were expecting something a little slimmer than what has been presented. This isn’t to say that the  Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is extremely bulky, especially not in comparison to many of the other Smartphones on the market which have taken on a larger design. Another problem that many people find with the  Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is that they believe that Samsung has made a compromise when it comes to the overall features of the phone the for the camera. To accommodate the complexity of the camera and the wonderful features that users get to take advantage of, the phone itself falls into the category of a mid-ranged smartphone with a screen quality that is a “mere” 720p.

To sum things up, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is a phone with a 4.8 inch display, hexacore, works on the Adroid  4.4 (Kitkat) platform, contains a 20.7 megapixel camera and takes things to the next level with its 10x optical zoom. Though the phone itself may pale in comparison to other smartphones, the features of its camera take things to the next level, making it a great piece for those who are more enthusiastic about snapping away rather than tapping away on their smartphones.

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