A Look Into Tasty Xiaomi Mi3

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A Look Into Tasty Xiaomi Mi3

When people hear the words „Smartphone from China“ muttered around the table in the canteen during lunch break, most will likely brush off the words as „I must have misheard“. However, when the words keep on popping up in the conversation, and even in the same arrangement, every bystander is going to start listening in more carefully. The Xiaomi Mi3 is much more than casual Smartphone enthusiasts expect it to be. It is stuffed with many features that may make one or the other high end Smartphone blush just a little bit.

Mi3’s Design

The makers of the Xiaomi Mi3 didn’t exactly reinvent the Smartphone design of the last few years, not meaning that the phone isn’t pretty. In fact, the only 8,1mm (0.3”) thick Smartphone with its mildly rounded edges, has a look that may remind some of a business phone with some extra sass. However, it is slightly too big to fit into the hands of people with distinctly small hands, while offering a good grip for people with normal to larger hands.

xiaomi mi3 smartphoneThe Touch Screen

For those who have had negative experiences with the touch screens and displays of Smartphones in the past, the Xiaomi Mi3’s screen will come as a very pleasant surprise. It is very responsive, making it easy to play games such as Floppy Bird, while offering 1080p resolution and colors that don’t have to hide from competitors such as the Nokia Lumia 1020. The great resolution and vivid colors make Youtube Videos fun to watch, even when having to watch from an angle, sharing the phone with one or more friends.

Speed of the Xiaomi Mi3

The Xiaomi Mi3 comes equipped with a quad-core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which is the reason that it is currently ranked #1 in terms of processor speed, even outperforming the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One. This speed makes playing high resolution games and watching videos of high quality even more fun.

Software Design

With the Mi3, the makers of Xiaomi are releasing their first firmware called MIUI. Although it is not clear which version of Android, It is based on Android, making it possible for users to access Google Play and take advantage of the millions of apps that are available. By simply putting in your Gmail address, you can sync your Mi3 device with your Google accounts and access all of your information. Another great addition of the Mi3 firmware is the fact that it is super customizable. With thousands of themes available, you can find the layout of the device that best fits you. The themes can be downloaded from the theme store for free.

Battery Life and Price

Equipped with a competition-outperforming 3,050 mAh battery, the Xiaomi Mi3 has what it takes the stay ready for length city or camping trips with no charger or outlet in sight. However, the app use needs to be configured as some apps may help drain the battery in a matter of less than 48, even from the background.

At just about $330 the price of this high tech device that has what it takes to compete with even the biggest names in the business, comes at an absolute blockbuster price. With all of its competition coming in on prices that are twice or even three times as high, Android users in particular, will have to consider jumping on Xiaomi bandwagon as soon as it becomes possible.

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