How to Choose Smartphone Best Suited For You

How to Choose Smartphone Best Suited For You

Smartphones are no longer a desire, they’re an essential part of everyday life. Faced with challenges, having to juggle a multitude of appointments, keeping track of what’s going on with friends and family members, without a smartphone, there would be a lot more limitations and a lot more missed appointments. In previous years, this mechanism was simply one that was used to make phone calls and occasionally take advantage of the black and white games that they were equipped with.

Many have forgotten how simply things were back then, as smartphones now are equipped with high quality cameras and allow users to take advantage of a wide range of apps both enjoyable and practical.

With so much to choose from, it can often be difficult to determine which smartphone is best suited to ones needs. When deciding on which smartphone is best for you, there are indeed a lot of things you’ll want to take into consideration. You’ll of course want a phone that is able to keep up with your hectic lifestyle as well as one that can perfectly be transformed to complement your downtime.

Here are the things to consider when choosing a smartphone:


Nothing in life is free, and the statement couldn’t be more true when it comes to smartphones. Sure, you will occasionally come across a plan that seems great, offering one of the best smartphones on the market, free of cost. However, close analysis at the contract that accompanies this smartphone may lead you to look in the other direction. The first things you will want to do is to set a budget for yourself. If your mind is set on a specific brand or model and you simply cannot afford to shell out the $600 that it may cost, you may want to consider looking at pre-owned smartphones of the particular model you desire. It is, however, important that you are cautious when opting for a pre-owned smartphone as, if it does not function as promised, the lack of refund may bring you disappointment.

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New Nokia Lumia 930 Looks Hot.

New Nokia Lumia 930 Looks Hot.

The new Nokia Lumia 930 will come in an abundance of bright colours from a wonderful orange to a vibrant green. This is the perfect phone for someone who’s looking to move away from the silvers and blacks and get hold of something that’s more fun without having to stick a phone case on the back.

The Nokia Lumia 930 will retail for $599, which is around the same price of many of the flagship handsets on today’s market. For what’s packed into the phone and of course, taking into consideration its cool design, there is no denying that the price tag fits the product. The phone is set to launch in the European market around June of 2014.

 What this phone boasts:

  • 5 inch, full HD display
  • 1920 x 1080 OLED display
  • battery that gives 15 and a half hours of talk time
  • 2.2GHz quad core Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 20 megapixel camera
  • full HD video recording capability
  • aluminium frame
  • Windows phone 8.1

A great reason to rejoice about the  Nokia Lumia 930 is that it stays true to Nokia’s promise of a sturdy and durable smartphone. Once you’ve got a  Nokia Lumia 930 in your hand, you will feel just how durable it really is. It won’t strike you as the kind of phone that you can consider discarding of, provided it falls of the sofa or slips out of your hands. It really is built to take a hit or two.

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Best of the Best Smartwatch Out There

Best of the Best Smartwatch Out There

All of the Smartwatches that are currently available on the market have one thing in common, they all give the feeling that there is something missing. They don’t yet show all of the finesse that many have come to expect from the newest technologies on the market. They all seem to have minor flaws that come with an early release of the models. In fact, it seems like the companies currently selling smartwatches in bunches valued reaching the market first over offering a complete product that is fully free of bugs and little hiccups that may just make their use a little less fun.

However, many new versions, firmware updates and completely new models are currently being developed, promising a flash flood of great new smartwatches arriving sometime this year or in the beginning of 2015. Included will also be the biggest players with Apple and Google (Android Wear OS) entering the market, making the arrival even more exciting.

Nevertheless, the models the models that are currently available for sale offer just as much spunk, funk and sex appeal for those who are fans of being the first owner of the newest technology, making our current list of the best smartwatches one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Meet Samsung Galaxy K Zoom!

Meet Samsung Galaxy K Zoom!

No one can deny that we are indeed in the age of the ‘selfie’. Pretty much every adventure tackled by today’s youth and even the older generation, is accompanied with a phone strapped to their palms and photographing not only beautiful scenery, but also, of course, their beautiful selves. One, two, three, cheese, the photo session shall begin.

Being the innovator in technology, Samsung realized what their Galaxy S4 Zoom was lacking and decided to spruce things up with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. With a 10x optical zoom, those who take advantage of this wonderful piece, will get a lot more out of their smartphone’s camera and thus, be able to bring the magnificence of the world closer to them by simply pinching and zooming.

It’s the perfect smartphone for those who have really transitioned into the world of social media photography. A post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter that isn’t accompanied by a photograph is simply, one that’s less appealing. With the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, Samsung has prioritized on the camera aspect of the phone. This is perfect for some, as they’re able to snap away as they please, and have a phone that is perfectly designed to do so.

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What’s the Best Browser for You

What’s the Best Browser for You

Most people use the browser that’s built into their computer. If you have a Mac, you probably just use Safari. If you have a Chromebook, you use Chrome. If you have a Windows… You probably use Chrome too because Edge is not that good. But what is the best browser for you personally? I want to talk about a few lesser-known browsers that you might like!


This browser was designed by a former Firefox developer. The whole purpose of it is to reduce the amount of ads you see. Brave was built from the ground up to be an adblocking browser. This has some other advantages for you as well: to start with, your computer will be a lot safer. Ad sites often plant trackers or adware on your computer without knowing it… In fact, sometimes these programs can be disguised as legitimate programs like Adobe. Brave takes away all of the ads, leaving only legitimate, non-invasive ads. Many sites make all of their money from ads, so Brave rewards the legitimate sites that don’t use annoying pop-ups or downloads by keeping them on the page and not blocking them. But the annoying ones will disappear if you use this app!


Opera is a VPN browser; all of your traffic is encrypted and no prying eyes can see what you’re doing online. This is great for avoiding content blockers at work or at school; if the internet service provider can’t see what you’re looking at, they can’t block it and thus have no way to censor your web browsing. Use this wisely. This is a handy survival tool; almost like an internet version of the products from VPN browsers will be the way of the future, as in the US it was just made legal for internet service providers to sell your web data to 3rd parties for advertising purposes. Although Opera is not the best VPN browser, it is free and easy for first timers to use. If you have a little more tech know-how, I would recommend OpenVPN, as it has more options.


Now this one is a little controversial. Tor has long been associated with illegal markets and drug trade; the anonymity of the service (if you knew how to use it) was great for criminals online. If you want to buy a gun or a hunting knife, Tor is the best way to do it. Many of the illegal sites have been locked down now, so less black market activities flows through the service. However, Tor is the best tool on the planet for internet-locked countries like China. The nature of this browser means that your traffic can’t be tracked; it’s sent to 3 randomized servers all over the world, and the information can’t be captured. Don’t use it for illegal things, please. However, if you’re trying to get around government censorship… Viva la revolution! Use these tools for good, to help the flow of information to restricted countries.

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Technologies That Will Change Table Tennis

Technologies That Will Change Table Tennis

The table tennis technology landscape is already teeming with new and bold technology that is accessible to all – professional players, amateurs, and enthusiasts. These gadgets and technologies will surely revolutionize the face of the game in the near future. It’s not actually a question of if, but when.

Here let’s take a look at some of the most promising technologies that the ping pong world can expect to see soon.

  1. Sensors and wearables

Wearable technologies would soon dominate the world of sports – and that’s a given. We have been seeing how sensors and wearable gadgets prove useful in different sports. In the world of tennis, we have Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor. This small device is fixed to the bottom of the tennis racquet. The highly sensitive sensor picks up the movement and sends it to a mobile device for tracking. It can pick up different strokes and techniques. Users can then check detailed data about their swings. Aside from sensors, there are also wearable gadgets such as bracelets that determine your hand movements. As of this date, these technologies are still available in tennis but a cross-over to ping pong is not a far-fetched idea.

  1. Virtual Reality

Soon, table tennis players may not need a ping pong table like the ones reviewed at to play the game. Virtual reality allows you to play table tennis in the virtual world. And the good news is that it’s coming very soon! Just last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly played ping pong with Indonesian President Joko Widodo using Oculus, their VR technology precursor.

VR will not only allow players to play virtually. It can also give spectators a chance to watch the game up-close and even on a first person point-of-view. In fact, the ITTF is said to be beta testing this technology. After the beta testing, they will soon be able to broadcast ping pong tournaments in virtual reality. With VR broadcast, you can watch the game as if you are sitting twenty meters away from action.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Although artificial intelligence is not yet fully matured, we are now seeing its precursor. There are table tennis Trainerbots that are capable of shooting balls accurately to any part of the ping pong table. If you’re playing with the Trainerbot, make sure to use the right ping pong paddles as you can see at, or you’ll go home a sore loser.

The Trainerbot is capable of recreating different types of shot. It can also be programmed to shoot a variety of sequences to make it more realistic. There’s also a multi-player feature that allows you to play it with friends. This technology can certainly help you nourish your table tennis skills. In the coming years, it is thought that artificial technology would be running the Trainerbot. That means, you will not need to pre-program the shots and sequences. The computer will be setting how the game will proceed.

Looking forward

Ping pong, like many other games, will constantly be influenced by technology. And in a sport where a few millimeters count, the advancements that technology can bring become more important. Surely, with all these progress, table tennis will be more enjoyable!

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Best Apps for Everyday Life

Best Apps for Everyday Life

There are too many apps out on the market for every phone to hold them all. However, you don’t need all of these apps. There are just a few of them that will make your life infinitely easier, without taking up all the space on your phone. Most of these apps are compatible with iPhone and Android. Here are a few of the apps that we’ve found work best for almost every lifestyle!


Spotify is the most used app on my phone. If you look at my monthly data consumption, you will see that Spotify does most of the consuming. If you live under a rock or haven’t heard, Spotify is a music streaming app that can be either free or membership-based. If you have the free version, you can listen to all sorts of online radio with a few ads every once in a while. You can also create playlists of your favorite music, but you can only listen to those on shuffle. But if you have the paid version, that’s where it gets fun! The paid version allows you to listen to whatever song you want, download albums offline, and create playlists for you to listen to in any order you want. Spotify is a must-have for anyone with a smartphone.

Google Maps

Google Maps work better than any of the competition for now. Yes, Apple Maps has improved a lot and Waize is catching up, but for now Google Maps is without a doubt the best. It allows you to hear voice instructions to get to your destination, or you can just look at the visual map. It uses GPS technology to find where you are and reroutes you if there is too much traffic in your way. Google Maps is one of the best technologies on the planet for mapping you where you need to go.

The Home App

Almost every smartphone has a native version of this installed, but few people take the time to set it up properly. A home app can connect with your home and control elements of your house while you’re away. You can set up cameras, turn lights on and off randomly, lock and unlock doors, and change the air conditioning settings. You can even check the levels of trash in your trash can, like the ones from Sink HQ! Internet technology is progressing quickly; maybe we’ll get those flying cars before too long.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is a more advanced communication tool than most people think. Unlike a traditional phone, you can talk to people on the other side of the planet without incurring any phone charges. It is the perfect way to talk to other people without touching your smartphone data. I use it all the time to talk to people that live in other countries, that I can’t call or text.

Those are a few of my favorites. Please let us know what your favorite apps are as well!

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Apps for the Airsoft Fans

Apps for the Airsoft Fans

Can’t wait to get to the airsoft field and battle out with your team? You don’t have to wait long. Simply download an airsoft app into your smartphone and you can now enjoy your favorite past time right where you are.

Thanks to the numerous airsoft and shooting apps, you now can practice your gun handling and shooting skills virtually. But with such vast options, picking the best app to install can be a challenge.

Here let’s check out four awesome Airsoft apps that you will definitely love:

  1. Real Strike

With over 10,000 downloads in Google Play store and 25,000 more in the App Store, Real Strike is easily the number 1 airsoft app today. It was created by Yii Universal Elite Ltd to be the first Augmented-Reality (AR) First-Person Shooting app. It has an extensive arsenal with 62 weapons from a range of 6 different categories. For airsoft fanatics, this app will take you to six unique backgrounds and game plots. The gun models are designed to look and feel exactly like the real rifles. When you pick up the sniper rifle, the experience is just like holding an airsoft sniper rifle as reviewed here: The recorded weapon sounds (firing, reloading, and shooting) and sound effects are very authentic. Plus, you can also try other shooting equipment like the tactical flashlight, night vision and thermal vision.

This airsoft app incorporates real-time computed 3D animation and camera into an integrated view, effectively transforming your space into a simulation field.

  1. Gun App

Another popular shooting app, Gun App has been downloaded over 250,000 times. This app allows you to play with other users through a WiFi connection. It has a huge arsenal of high-powered firearms that ranges from machine guns to sniper rifles to shotguns. Best thing, you can build and design your own gun using the wide selection of attachments and parts. There are also different camos that you can wear in battle. For sure, this is a good training app for those who love the airsoft rifles and guns at

The game takes you to the shooting range where you can practice aiming and hitting targets. This is surely a great practice for your next airsoft game!

  1. Gun Builder

If you want to master the art of custom gun assembling, Gun Builder should be in your smartphone. This gun app allows you to build unique guns. It has a wide collection of gun accessories and parts that you can mix and match. What’s more you can find dozens of other shooting accessories that any airsoft gamer would love. You also get to practice shooting at the shooting range. For those who are fascinated with guns, Gun Builder is a must-download.

These three apps are the best apps for gun lovers and airsoft aficionados. They deserve space in your smartphone’s memory. With these apps, you can enjoy your free time with some action-packed and exciting moments.

How about you? Have you got any favorite shooting app to add in our list?

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Wearable Technology: The Future of Healthcare

Wearable devices are seen as the next trend to sweep the global marketplace that might eclipse with other smart technologies as well as precursors of artificial intelligence.

According to a market report by Tractica, a market intelligence company, as many as 430 million wearable devices will be sold every year by 2022. Tractica projects a steep growth in this technology, up to 24.2 percent, growing from 118 million units in 2016 to 430 million by 2022.

But while wearable devices can be used in a wide spectrum of industries, the healthcare sector is seen as benefiting the most and the prime driver of this technology. Evident now is the steady growth and uptrend in the demand for healthcare applications for fitness trackers, smartwatches, and body sensors.

At present, fitness trackers and smartwatches are seen as the forerunner of the wearable market. However, it is expected that less common wearables with also develop in the future as this technology continue to evolve and penetrate different industries. Healthcare and health-focused applications are generally the most exciting part.

In the near future, wearable devices are seen to become an integral part of healthcare. Through continuous monitoring, these devices can help prevent and manage chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes. Tractica believes that wearables can be useful in both the general consumption setting and the professional healthcare setting. And since health is a top priority, it will make wearables easy to sell.

In the professional setting, wearable devices are seen to reshape the patient experience by putting patients in charge of their own health. For instance, clinically-accurate wearable devices can provide a continuous, 24/7 vital signs monitoring. There is no need to buy and learn how to use a sphygmomanometer, such as the one here at for blood pressure monitoring. Simply wear a smart watch capable of vital signs monitoring. It will then record and send the data right to your healthcare provider’s desk.

It would also be a welcome technology for healthcare professionals as wearables can help them track the changes in a patient’s state of health. Moreover, with the data easily available medical interventions can be adjusted to suit the patient.

Of course, wearable technologies still have many limitations and cannot be wholly relied upon by healthcare professionals. For instance, a doctor or nurse would still be needed to assess the breathing sounds of a patient. The traditional stethoscopes, like the ones you’ll find in this link, cannot be replaced. However, with the limitless possibilities of wearable devices, it is exciting to speculate about how it can trigger a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry.

Many companies are now on the last stages of the experimental phase. Soon we will be seeing wearables in the medical market. From getting vital signs to evaluating data to diagnosing and monitoring a patient’s health status, clinically accurate wearable gadgets are being studied with the aim of ensuring the best possible outcome. Finally, clinical wearables would ultimately impact the quality of life of a patient – for the better. It’s only a matter of years (or even months) before we can finally see these revolutionary technologies create a healthier world!

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3 Smartphone-Supported Gadgets Every Pool Owner Needs!

3 Smartphone-Supported Gadgets Every Pool Owner Needs!

Swimming pools never fail to bring a smile into anyone’s lips. But the time spent in the pool can only be relaxing if it’s clean and not over-treated with chemicals. For sure, no one wants to get itchy skin or red eyes after hours of swimming in the pool.

The problem, however, is that it seems impossible to know when a pool is either dirty or over-chlorinated. But this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. With the new pool monitoring gadgets partnered with smartphone apps, knowing the quality of water of your swimming pool is just a click away.

Here are some of the latest gadgets and apps that every pool owner must have.

  1. Drop Smart Pool Monitor

This gadget is linked to a mobile app which sends notifications about the pool’s health through your smartphone. But not only that, it should also alert you whenever the monitor detects some unwanted pool activities. So, you can virtually know when someone dives into the pool or even when your pet dogs plays on it.

Drop Smart Pool Monitor also sends notifications when the pool needs cleaning as well as other necessary maintenance checks. That includes checking whether the pool heater you read at Pool Home School is working perfectly. With this gadget, you are guaranteed that the pool is well taken care of, be it sanitation, microorganisms, algae or pH balance.

  1. pHin

This oblong-shaped, Bluetooth-enabled pool maintenance device monitors the chemicals in your pool and tells you when it’s good to dive.

It continuously checks the pool’s chemistry and sends notifications to your smartphone. For this gadget to work, simply plop it into the water and add the recommended packets that come along with the device. With pHin, you don’t need to regularly dip your test strip to the pool. Once the gadget is on the pool, it should automatically test the pool chlorine, water hardness, alkalinity, pH, cyanuric acid and temperature. If you need the water to be warmer, you can easily adjust the pool heater. It should warn you in case the pool heater fails and you need it replaced with any of the pool heaters. The app also tells you when you need to add more pods to the pool.

  1. Sutro

This gadget should finally address one of the biggest headaches of swimming pool or spa owners. Sutro ensures that your swimming pool has the right pH levels and chlorine at all times. Well, that certainly helps prevent the unwanted effects of over-chlorinating your pool water – burnt eyes, irritated skin, nasty smell, and damages to the lining of the pool.

Sutro is connected to the internet and sends the data to your smartphone. If you sign into its weekly subscription, the data is analyzed and the precise mix of chemicals is sent to you. The customized mix of chemicals based on your pool’s actual chemical composition should enable you to maintain your pool water in swimming condition at all times.

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Top Fitness Trackers To Get You On The Right Track

Top Fitness Trackers To Get You On The Right Track

These days fitness has leaped to an entirely new level. The long arm of technology has not left the fitness industry out. I had been talking with my friend about how fitness has improved now. He had been gaining weight recently and wanted to shed his weight, but had no success so far. I told him about how I used my grappling dummy to get fit.

In addition to the modern fitness devices, there are the new fitness trackers that have made fitness easier and efficient. The trackers lure users with their promise of easy and elegant tracking of how fit you are. The trackers give information on the calories you burn, the steps you take and even if you are getting sufficient sleep or not.

My friend was skeptical about how these devices could actually help him and on their real effectiveness. I told him that these trackers help to motivate and get us more actively involved in our fitness routines. Trackers are generally used by two types of people.

Some use these trackers because their physician recommended their use due to the underlying health issue they have, while the other type use it to know how effective their fitness routine is. To those who are new to fitness trackers and their impact on fitness, the numerous fitness tracker apps in the market can be quite overwhelming making it difficult for them to choose the right one. Here are some top trackers that will help you choose.

Jawbone Up

This is an app for tracking your calories, sleep and steps. The tracker is apt for a person who needs to keep track of his fitness goals. For sedentary people like my friend, it is a big motivator for taking up exercise.

Lark’s Larklife

This app is to track steps, sleep, meals, activity and energy levels. This is a sleeker app and more discreet. The band is highly comfortable and the iphone app is easy to use and simple. The app motivates you to do exercise regularly and keep a lid on your sedentary ways.


This is a wireless tracker that keeps track of the stairs you climb and the steps you take. For those who need to make important lifestyle changes this is a good one. It is of great use to those who are trying to shed the excess weight. It keeps good handle on the extent of your fitness, helping you to be always on alert.

Scosche Rhythm Armband Pulse Monitor

This monitor helps in tracking time, distance, heart rate, average pace and maximum speed. The tracker shows the maximum speed, which is a great boost for your fitness routine.  While the GPS is not that reliable, it certainly gives you a good idea of the distance you have covered.

These trackers help you to know the calories you burn, which do great things for your self-esteem and motivation. I told my friend about the different types of resistance building exercises I did, knowing it would help him with his weight loss goal. When you get into the right fitness routine and have the trackers for motivation, you are sure to get better results.

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How GPS can help your day-to-day activities

How GPS can help your day-to-day activities

Being stranded on a highway or taking the wrong turn is no longer a hassle you need to contend with as the Global Positioning System or GPS have changed the entire way we navigate. I still remember the time when we had gone on a vacation during summer holidays to a new destination. Since my dad left his map behind and we were given the wrong directions (intentionally?), we ended up wasting an entire day finding the hotel we had made reservations for. Now with GPS finding an address is a breeze.

Routine use

While the word GPS may conjure images of space age tech and smart vehicle navigation, in reality GPS has fare more uses for routine day-to-day activities. Some of the possible ways it can be used include

  • Finding where your kids are at any particular time
  • If you are leaving behind elderly people while going to work or on a vacation, you can keep track of them and prevent them from wandering off alone
  • While on a trip, you can plan ahead to visit important spots, landmarks, diners, campsites etc. and take less time to get there too.
  • Get emergency assistance, while on road right from your car. Nighttime driving on highways is a pain most of the time. The glare from vehicles coming towards you makes it difficult to view the road clearly. This is why I installed a LED bar light, which I bought from Proper lighting in your vehicle saves many an accident and keeps you and your family safe.
  • You can bookmark or save the favorite spots, landmarks and sceneries, which you will not find in any of the travel guides.
  • While making emergency calls to 911 the emergency personal can find your location easily. When you choose a carrier service, ensure that it comes with GPS features that work properly.
  • If you have pets that run lose frequently giving you a hard time, using GPS fitted collars on them would make your job easier.
  • Finding the right directions and shortcuts is easier, so you can get to meetings and appointments on time. Finding a restaurant or shopping mall or grocery store nearby is also done efficiently
  • Tracking laptops, luggage and other things, while travelling is enabled with the GPS
  • It is also easy to find your family members and friends, while you are in a crowded place like concert, social gathering or any other such events
  • When you are on adventure trips like hiking or hunting or just exploring the nature trails, you can separate from your group without worrying about getting lost. The GPS enabled smartphones help you locate places or persons even in unfamiliar locations

With advanced satellite technology, it is now possible to get a clear GPS connection even in indoor areas such as office buildings, homes and other places where normally the GPS is not clear. In addition to the several practical uses, that GPS has, it is also a great gift, which is both fun and educational. The Geo Cache, for instance, is a treasure hunt that is GPS based. Ray Gun is another location dependent mobile game, which helps you keep fit and active.

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Keeping things clean and up to date on your phone

We’d also like to extend the heading of this post by reminding cell phone users to keep things safe. Today’s post is specifically geared towards new readers who need to give these important characteristics some more thought and those who have just purchased or been given their very first Smartphone. The post is written in layman’s terms, so that everyone, particularly the novices, will have no trouble understanding what needs to be done. First of all, heartfelt congratulations to those of you who have just taken out of the box your first ever Smartphone. It’s about time you joined the real world.

Keeping things clean is part of life

Welcome aboard! For those of you whose loved ones were very thoughtful this Christmas and went ahead and bought you a Smartphone, let us also share our joy for this gift you have. Treasure it and look after it. Keeping things clean is not just about how you will be looking after your phone. It should be an active part of all aspects of your life. It is also about preserving valuable and necessary items for everyday use for a lot longer than usual. The has an extensive list of items used to preserve food for longer, whether in the fridge or carried about outdoors.

On the matter of preservation, you can also think of this as a good way to save costs. Nothing, not even money, needs to go to waste. Savings initiatives such as these are also part of the need to live as sustainably as possible. Think about your old cell phone for a moment. No need to be embarrassed, power to those of you who are still insisting that there is no need to throw away essential appliances which are still working for you.

Keeping things clean ensures sustainability

Just remember though, that the older phones need a lot more charging than Smartphones do. So always remember to save power and don’t leave the charger on after your phone has been fully charged. Those of you who are still using the older phones are welcome to share your thoughts with the rest of the readers on how you keep your phones clean. This principle of cleanliness does not apply to just cell phones, Smartphones and even ancient telephones. It applies to pretty much everything that we use on a regular basis. Keeping things clean ensures that they last a lot longer.

Part of being sustainable in your daily life means keeping yourself effectively organized. Go through your directories and simply delete old numbers and apps you are no longer using. Things like that can drain battery power. Or does it? Let regular Smartphone users educate the rest of us a little more on this.

Good organization of your devices also helps you to keep up to date. One last but very important reminder before we go. Don’t forget to download emergency and medical assistance apps. Do this as soon as possible after you’ve fully calibrated your new phone. Rather be safe than sorry.

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Birthday Barbecue Party

Birthday Barbecue Party

I just love barbecue. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love barbecue, as a matter of fact. I think that’s why the food makes such a good meal choice for getting a lot of people together in an outdoor environment. There’s just something about the smell of coal or chips burning, not to mention the meat cooking that really seems to draw in crowds and keep them centered on the grill. That’s how it’s been at just about every barbecue I’ve gone to before and that’s how it was at my most recent barbecue as well, which I hosted for a couple dozen people.

Besides barbecue, I’m a big fan of smoked meats too. It’s kind of convenient that charcoal can be used to prepare food in either of these two ways, find out more about barbecue smokers. I’m never without a good stockpile of briquettes. I sure used a bunch at this last deal, but then it takes a lot more coal to smoke meat than it does to grill the same amount of flesh. Anyhow , along with all the coal I needed to pick up for the party, there was the meat to get as well. It can cost a lot to feed a bunch of hungry barbecue goers, and there are those who will eat some things, but not other things.

That causes a need for a variety of different meats to be purchased. So, I picked up chicken, ground beef, boneless pork chops and a few other non-meat items to get that mixture going properly. Big slices of onion may do well on a grill, and there are a few other vegetables that really seem to work, like whole mushrooms and carrots. With all the food I was going to cook and the gas to cook it with, the only thing I still needed was a smoker. Yeah, I decided not to buy a bunch of coal right at the last minute. That’s because I forgot about the smoker I’ve been using for ages.

Thankfully, I was able to use my own favorite gas smoker for the win. It uses propane instead of charcoal, so there is a bit of a difference in flavor. It burns a lot cleaner though, and the smoking process is normally notorious for creating a lot of waste. It’s kind of a conversation starter too – a lot of people don’t know it’s possible to smoke meat without actual smoke.

Without going into too much detail about the events of the day, I can still say the barbecue went over well with everybody. A bunch of full and happy people left my home when the gathering was over, all a bit heavier for the food they ate. Now I’m just waiting to get an invite of my own to another barbecue. It’s right about the time of year where lots of people should be doing it, so I’m sure it won’t be too long. Hopefully I don’t have to deal with competing invites though.

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How Smartphones Change Our Thinking Patterns

How Smartphones Change Our Thinking Patterns

You may have found yourself using your finger to swipe to the next page on your computer screen before realizing it’s not your phone. This isn’t a random brain mess-up but is born from your brain’sEvery stage of development for phones has been met with skepticism and fear, fears of cancer from radiation and texting language reducing literacy.

The texting debate was rather aptly dealt with by linguist David Crystal but constant research still leaves many fears unresolved. The smart phone can be seen as part of the creativity boosting gadgets, which can contain apps that allow for new means of artistic medium.

Research conducted at a number of Zurich based universities examined the brain’s activity when a smart phone was being used. The results showed that electrical brain activity was stronger when three fingertips were touched to the screen, and these spikes in brain activity were higher when the tests were conducted on subjects just after intensive smartphone use. The results, as scientist Dr Arko Ghosh suggests, that repeated use of smartphones affects the way touch is processed. It can alter on a daily basis so that whatever the fingertips were doing the day before on the phone will imprint on the brain and alter how your hand behaves the next days.

Smartphones can be damaging in their affect on sleep patterns, especially for teenagers. More time is spent online due to WiFi and cheap data plans so that often people will carry on checking their phones well into the night. Research has been completed by a number of scientists, including 2012 Time/Qualcom, by gathering knowledge from subjects.

The “blue” light omitted from smarphone screen is being picked up by the cells behind eyeballs, which tells the brain that it is the morning. The blue light alters the melatonin release so that the hormone cannot help with sleep timing and circadian rhythms.

In 2010 McGill researchers showed that reliance on the GPS system on phones can reduce the function of the hippocampus, which controls memory and spacial orientation. In the tests conducted non GPS users performed better on the memory test than GPS users. Using google maps may make your brain more dependent on your smartphone and prevent memory development.

Smart phones can’t solely be blamed for us accessing our brain’s memory skills as much, even with the Nokia brick phones we became dependent on them holding our friend’s phone numbers. The joy of knowing your best friend’s phone numbers or wondering which country eats the most spam, has become almost obsolete.

Google is at everyone’s fingertips to quickly get the answer you were looking and just as quickly forget it. The issue of smartphone’s changing our thinking patterns only becomes a problem when we let our smartphone substitute our brain’s functions. It’s important to exercise the brain so don’t be scared to leave your phone at home sometimes and see what a day without it feels like it, or even introduce some rules for how you use it.

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The benefits of having great musical ringtones

Some of you like to keep things silent for a while. There are good and practical reasons for doing this. You may even be turning off the vibrator of your mobile device. The good intentions here are clearly noticeable. For one thing, many of you are hard at work and don’t want to take your eyes off the monitor until it’s time for a necessary break. Putting your phone to one side, you’re not going to be distracted by personal chats and crank calls which have nothing to do with work. Give yourselves pats on the back for doing this.

It’s all about the music

The benefits of having great musical ringtones But some of you, very few actually, have left your phone on silent even after you’ve left work and are on your way home on the tube or bus, or already at home in front of the flat screen. Let’s just say that some of you turn into certifiable panic-mechanics once that phone starts to ring. Violinio can’t command you to turn your ring tone on again, but if you take a look at its website, you’ll see that it’s all about the music, and it’s all at your fingertips, in case you need reminding.

Those of you who are stressing too much lately, here’s why it’s essential that you turn your ringtone back on again. While it’s understandable that you would have forgotten all of this because of worrying too much about collectors and hacks phoning you every now and then, there’s also another thing you can do apart from utilizing apps on your phone to find pleasant-sounding musical ringtones. Because it’s that important, we’ll remind you of this now. Simply arrange for those unwanted calls to be blocked.

You’ll feel better when the phone rings

You’re not shirking nor are you doing anything illegal, so relax, and just get it done. Now, onto the pleasant subject of music. Music remains one of the most effective and highly recommended practices to help reduce stress. So, when you’ve sourced some of your favorite themes from your mobile apps and downloaded them, you’ll feel a lot better every time the phone does ring. You can also tailor your musical themes to how some of your regular callers or texters relate to each tune. For instance, your old man may remind you of Clint Eastwood.

So, what do you do? You download The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ringtone. It’s not lame. And let’s just say that your mom reminds you of The Sound of Music; download that tune for her call. Heads will turn and people will titter, but you’ll be laughing too. That’s important. Don’t forget to use your apps to download music too and make time to listen to some of your favorite tracks, particularly those that tend to help you relax.

It might just be your lucky day

It doesn’t even have to stop there either. It’s child’s play really; you could even learn how to play your own instrument, whether you’ve picked out one of the violins from

or decided on a set of drums or a quaint little mouth organ. So, leave your ringtone on. It might just be your lucky day the next time the phone rings.

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What a smartphone can do

What a smartphone can do

Samsung Galaxy S4 has sensors built in that pause or unpause a video as soon as you look away, while Lumia 920 can charge wirelessly and has a screen that you can use with your gloved hand. Yes though it may sound incredible, smartphones are becoming even smarter now.

From amazing camera tricks, to monitoring your household appliances these smartphones have become multipurpose and versatile devices, which help you out with the common routine tasks to some highly specific and skilled tasks.

While communication is the main purpose of a phone before the smartphones, now you use your phone for browsing, shopping, playing video games and snapping photos. These uses are what smartphone users generally look for and any other addition however impressive it may sound or even convenient are just fancy fillers for now. But there are some exceptions. For instance, look at the various woodworking apps that have come up. When I use the woodworking app along with the Framing Nailer Report I find it quite effective for my building work as such and a great improvement on the earlier nailer tools. And with such advanced tools it is a lot easier to do DIY works at home.

But this may well change in future with technology becoming more sharper and advanced. While some may think that smartphones have had all the innovations they can take, mobile manufacturers claim that the real impact of smartphones is yet to come.  These small gadgets are all set to become the hub of information and data transfer at a level that cannot be imagined now.

Real time sensitive trackers

Smartphone sensors like accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope are some real time sensitivity trackers, which collect information on the speed, rotation, movement, etc. of your phone, even if you are not aware of them. Samsung has added some more, which detect the humidity, temperature and pressure. These sensors may be of importance in future in data collection.

The sensor for collecting air quality is another incredible invention that could help in climate change, assessing the pollutants and allergens too via the smartphone networks. The tracking sensors according to leading technology experts will be a key component in influencing environmental changes in future.

Apps world

The use of smartphones as medical devices has led to the coining of the term appcessories. These peripheral apps however help in fulfilling the needs of targeted customers only, and not the regular users who would find them unnecessary to have in their phone.

Touch free phones

The use of gestures and actions to control the features in a phone are gaining momentum now. While smartphones have for a long time, included some form of touch free controls like muting sound, when you flip your phone or using voice detection for dialing, now these have improved greatly to the extent that whatever you are doing with your finger now can be done without them.

Soon many apps will be launched which will switch over in a seamless way from the manual to voice control to text and even gesture based controls based on the task you are doing and the type of app used. For instance, if you tap a fitness app it would switch over to voice control, as soon as it senses movement. When you are finished with the workouts and are too tired to use the phone, you can just gesture to enter the stats.

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Cell Phones and Pools Don’t Mix

Cell Phones and Pools Don’t Mix

You think it would be common knowledge at this point in history, but electronics, cellular phones especially, tend to not mix that well with water. More than just to repeat this common knowledge, I really want to talk about how those “waterproof” phone cases a lot of companies are selling might not work as well as they advertise. In fact, a phone case which was supposed to keep my own cell phone from getting waterlogged failed when my phone fell into a pool, which is pretty much the reason behind me writing this today. When products don’t work as advertised that’s very aggravating, no?

Not that the water was all my phone went through. Sure, it was fully submerged, and there was definitely lots of water. But once it got pulled into the pool’s filtration system, I pretty much knew I was out $400. Well, more like $420 when accounting for the cost of the waterproof case too, but I don’t like to add that extra little bit of loss when I remember the event. I was sort of lucky since the pool was using a small scale canister filter, the kind you could find in places like this. Because of that, it didn’t get drawn into some processing pump and crushed. It didn’t really do me any good in the end though.

I still ended up with a phone that was completely useless. I still had to track down all of my contacts, along with their addresses, numbers and other information, and put it all in on a replacement phone. I still had to spend hours of my time getting my new phone to the point where it would function like the old one did before it got swamped. Who’s going to pay for this? I feel like the people who sold me that faulty “waterproof” case should be held responsible here, but I don’t really have a lot of options for going after them.

The business wasn’t from my country so it’s not like I can bring up a suit against them. Also, I kind of already left them a positive review due to an earlier occurrence where the waterproof shielding actually did what it promised to do, when I spilled a glass of milk on my phone one time. I guess it does kind of work after all. Maybe I should be more upset with myself, eh? I really have to stop bringing my electronics by bodies of water. It’s just a bad idea.

Whatever device you’re using, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop or something else, you have to be acutely aware of how quickly it could break. Submerging any electronic device in water is usually a great way to fry its inner workings and brick the item. However, if the device isn’t turned on when this happens, you might be able to salvage it. A great way to do this is by completely covering the phone or other item in uncooked rice. The dry grains will pull the liquid from the device if you give them enough time. This one actually works, too.

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Cool things down a bit by using your mobile apps to live sustainably

Cool things down a bit by using your mobile apps to live sustainablyWe’d like to take a moment to applaud you. Because as we do so, most of you already have a good mobile device, brand new or second hand, in your pockets or handbags. But why are we congratulating you on having this necessary accoutrement? We’re happy to tell you that even though it might still be small, you’re making a contribution towards environmental sustainability and have made the start to go against the grain of global warming and climate change.

Ever year during summertime, the months just seem to be getting hotter and hotter and heat waves are becoming unbearably longer. And during the cold, winter months, the weather is becoming more dangerous in the extreme.

It is that bad

Even if governments, NGO’s, multinationals, small start-ups, and you and me all did something to reverse the trend of rising temperatures and more extreme hurricanes, scientists predict that things will continue this way into the next century. That’s how serious this is and that’s how much damage has been done by us already.

Let’s turn our attention to why we’re so happy that you’re holding a mobile in your hand right now. Using the mobile and the bouquet of apps at your disposal is, in itself, a sustainable exercise. It’s eliminating a lot of everyday activities that lead to increasing your carbon footprint. When you visit you will also learn that the LED light bars and other similar devices powered with LED technologies are also carbon reducing mechanisms. As energy savers, rather than sappers, they save consumers money as well.

The same principle applies through regular use of your apps. Not only do you end up saving money, you save time as well.

The convenience of saving time, money and the environment

Speaking of time and money, you never have to walk through the doors of your local bank ever again. You no longer have to mark more carbon footprints on the tar and stand in long queues again. Provided that your smart phone has been properly cleaned and you’ve reached the correct bank-related app, banking via your device is quite safe these days. Unless you are truly someone special, money is generally used for buying things you need or want. It’s not entirely bad for business; in fact most retailers have climbed on board already.

Instead of travelling to your favorite retailers, you could just visit them on their website and place your orders there. Further carbon footprint reductions are made when all it takes is just one local area delivery van to make a series of deliveries all in one afternoon.

How will kids thank you in the future?

There are many more ways and means to live sustainably and fully optimize your apps. Because time is money, all we’ve done here is whet your appetite to the possibilities and motivate you to keep doing your bit to cool things down. Fifty years from now, your grandchildren and their pets will be thanking you. Although it must be said that we’re not yet sure what they’ll be using then.

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